Groupon Inc Updates iOS App After The Launch Of Apple Pay

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Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN) has updated its iPhone app to add another payment option, Apple Pay. This update came soon after Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) made an update to iOS 8 to include Apple Pay. Now this update can be taken advantage of by the users of the two new iPhone models in the U.S.

Apple Pay to benefit Groupon

Groupon noted that those interested in making use of the new payment service need to install Apple Pay after downloading iOS 8.1. Users will then need to update the Groupon app. Users can make a payment by selecting Apple Pay on the confirmation screen.  For new Groupon users, the procedure is the same as discussed above, and Apple Pay will be automatically selected as the default payment method.

Groupon is among the largest mobile commerce companies in the world, with a majority of transactions taking place on mobile devices. Its app is used by more than 92 million people across the world, and is among the 25 most downloaded free apps on the app store. The Groupon App on the App Store ranks among the top three iOS lifestyle apps in the U.S. and is also ahead of Amazon and eBay’s offerings. Therefore, it makes sense for Groupon to commit to Apple.

Groupon CEO Eric Lefkofsky believes that with the Apple Pay app people will have a better experience in finding and buying the items they want.

Groupon offers the best experience to users

Groupon has a very large customer base because of its unbeatable deals. These deals allow customers to buy amazing stuff at drastically reduced prices. You can get discounts as large as 50%-70% on many items. Groupon deals are available all over the world in as many as 500 cities. The iOS app of Groupon allows users to perform multiple tasks such as using the device for directly buying and redeeming Groupon deals. Users can also use the location and expiration date for tracking their purchased vouchers.

The app has lots more to offer. For food, fun, fashion and wellness on-demand deals, customers can instantly redeem vouchers. The customers doesn’t have to settle for bargain products and can enjoy low prices by making use of Groupon Goods. Groupon Getaways allow customers to travel to exotic locations around the world.

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