GoPro Inc Signs Deal With Vislink To Offer Wireless Streaming

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GoPro will make it easier to broadcast live HD footage on TV from surfboards, motorbikes or snowboards during sporting events. TV networks already use its cameras but, in order to broadcast, the camera must be retrieved and video collected physically. The action camera maker announced Wednesday that it has signed a deal with Vislink to create a wireless streaming device that is capable of sending broadcast-quality footage over the air instantly.

Be a part of action

GoPro’s Hero4 action cameras will come with a wireless transmitter for live video. The tiny transmitter could easily be worn or attached to various equipment. ESPN’s Winter X Games in Aspen between January 22 and 25 will be the first event to make use of the device. GoPro did not disclose how much it will cost. However, the company promised to provide more details this spring.

The wireless transmitter will take GoPro action cameras to the whole new level. The company sees immense scope in the use of its cameras on a professional scale. GoPro president Tony Bates said that it will give broadcasters a new perspective. Now watching live events will be like being part of the action rather than watching it from the stands.

Does Apple pose a serious threat to GoPro

On Tuesday, GoPro shares plunged more than 12% after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent for wearable camera with a remote control. It raised concerns that the iPhone maker could enter the action camera market, posing a direct threat to GoPro. The Nick Woodman-led company currently dominates the action camera market despite competition from heavyweights like Sony and HTC.

The patent application was filed by Kodak in 2012. But Apple has acquired much of Eastman Kodak’s intellectual property. Many of the diagrams in patent filing include Kodak logos. Analysts believe Apple is unlikely to enter the wearable camera market anytime soon. The Cupertino company is granted thousands of patents every year, but not all of them materialize into products.

GoPro shares fell 0.53% to $52.06 at 10:13 AM EST on Thursday.

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