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At last, something many action camera lovers have been waiting for has happened. Images and specs of the GoPro Hero 5 camera have leaked online! Seriously, the images in question appear to show the next camera from GoPro in great detail, and the specs that accompany them are detailed.

GoPro Hero 5 images (via Nokishita Camera) published the images on August 18, and in the pictures, you can clearly see that the camera has a GoPro logo on the back next to what looks like a touchscreen. The front side of the device is marked with “PVT3,” which means “production validation test 3” and suggests that GoPro is preparing to manufacture the action camera on a large scale.

GoPRo Hero 5 leaked images

You may remember that recently an instructional video showing a touchscreen UI that had not been seen before on a GoPro camera was leaked. It suggested that GoPro was considering removing the backpack from a future camera, and it seems like these new images corroborate that idea.

As for model variations, it is now believed that GoPro will soon announce two new models: the Hero 5 Session and the Hero 5 Black.

GoPro cloud service

According to The Verge, it has managed to get its hands on a PDF file of the user manual for the GoPro Hero 5. While most of the information contained in it talks about specifications (which I will cover later in this article), one thing was apparent, and that was the mention of GoPro’s soon-to-be-announced cloud service, which will be aptly called GoPro Plus.

If you have heard about this before, it may be because the rumor leaked on the popular Reddit site just over a month ago. As for how this cloud service will work, the manual is not complete; however, here’s a screen shot of the part that describes GoPro Plus.

GoPro Plus for Hero 5 Manual
Image Source:

Waterproof Super Suit

Another leaked image related to the GoPro Hero 5 is of what is believed to be a waterproof “Super Suit” housing for the camera. This image originally appeared on Imgur, and this could mean that the Hero 5 will be waterproof up to a depth of 10 feet. No information about the duration of this submersion is available, but it is believed that to take the camera any deeper, the “Super Suit” will be required.

Hero 5 camera design

If you know your GoPro cameras and you’ve taken a look at the leaked images, you have to agree that it doesn’t look hugely different to the Hero 4 and some previous cameras. There is a front-facing screen and lens which point in the same direction. True, the front power and menu buttons are not there, but if the leaked images are correct, a touchscreen menu will likely take the place of button functionality.

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However, it also appears that GoPro will take more design cues from the Hero 4 Session, as the camera’s look does away with the familiar silver and black finish and replaces it with a rubber one. Maybe this indicates that the waterproof rumor is correct!

One thing that is noticeable from the leaked images is that if this is indeed the Hero 5, there is no button on the front. According to those who have inspected the images carefully, it appears that the shutter button is now on the top, and the mode button has been moved to the side. So what does this mean? It could be the only way to streamline the device with the removal of the front button and addition of a touchscreen on the back.

Image and video

Moving on to video and still, images, the information from the manual seems to suggest that the Hero 5 will use the same imaging chip as the Hero 4, or it could mean the same options for video resolution. If this is correct, it would mean that the highest video quality available would be at 4K, offering 30 frames per second. Plus, there will be modes working their way down to 720p at frame rates as high as 120 frames per second.

Tag awesome moments

Along with the leaked specs and images, there is news of a voice control feature. This information comes from the incomplete manual that I spoke of earlier and includes information about all of the things a user will be able to do with their voice.

One option gives a user the ability to trigger a highlight tag; this is done by shouting the phrase, “That was sick!”

Take a look at this image with the available commands.

Hero 5 Voice Commands

Hero 5 specifications

Finally we have what you have been waiting for: the specs of the Hero 5 action camera. Now the specs here are not detailed, although they do cover important aspects of the camera.

  • Video: 4K-30fps, 2.7K-60fps, 1440p-80fps, 1080p-120fps
  • Size: 62 mm x 44.6 mm x 33.7 mm
  • Weight: 118 g (including battery), 90g (body only)
  • Battery: 1220mAh, 3.85V
  • Terminal: USB Type C, HDMI
  • Storage: MicroSD card
  • LCD: touch panel
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / n / a / ac
  • Bluetooth: BT4.1 + BLEM

GoPro HERO 5 Tec Specs

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