GoPro Hero 5 May Offer Drone Compatibility [REPORT]

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The release of the GoPro Hero 5 will be a major juncture in the market for action cameras, with many consumers eagerly awaiting its appearance. It is interesting to note then that a recent report suggests that the manufacturers behind the series has decided to make several changes to this forthcoming release.

GoPro Hero 5 – Smaller, lighter action camera

Reports suggest that the creators of the GoPro Hero 5 will make the camera smaller and lighter than the previous iterations of this popular series. Additionally, drone compatibility will be added into the device, with the intention of accompanying another GoPro release.

The release date of the GoPro Hero 5 is still shrouded in something of a mystery. The manufacturers have already decided to push back the unveiling of the GoPro Hero 5 due to new modifications that GoPro wishes to include in the device. In what is an increasingly competitive space, it is important for the creators of the Hero 5 to ensure that it stands out from other competitors in terms of technology, innovation and design, not to mention specifications.

Originally, the GoPro Hero 5 was expected to appear in October 2015, but obviously that particular date has been and gone. GoPro has had to deal with a wide variety of technical glitches in the development process related to the GoPro Hero 5, and this has led to a more cautious attitude towards the release of the action camera. GoPro is also planning to add several new features to the armory of the GoPro Hero 5, which will enable the camera to stand out as a truly outstanding competitor in the marketplace.

The latest reports from Tech News Today suggests that GoPro has planned to ensure that future devices in the series, beginning with the GoPro Hero 5, are increasingly smaller and more lightweight. Action cameras are being utilized for a wide variety of different functions, and making a flexible and convenient device is increasingly important.

With this in mind, GoPro is allegedly targeting a size for the GoPro Hero 5 which is approximately half that of the previous release in the series. In addition, the weight of the GoPro Hero 5 could be in in the region of just half a pound. This would enable the action camera to fully compliant with regulations put in place by the FAA.

Drone compatibility

In addition, rumors indicate that GoPro will also add drone compatibility to the GoPro Hero 5. GoPro has been working on autonomous drones for several months, with the company having announced that it intends to stake a significant claim in this multi-billion dollar market. GoPro has the potential to offer the most superior flying immersive actiob camera on the market, providing a completely autonomous system with no piloting required.

Just a few months ago, GoPro announced that it was purchasing Kolor; a 360-degree video software vendor company in France. With the founder of Kolor now employed as the Senior Director of Immersive Media Solutions at GoPro, it is clear that the company has a serious stake in this technology going forward, and it is thus natural for the GoPro Hero 5 to feature these drone compatibility functions. GoPro has its own version of a drone called the GoPro Karma, with the device intended to offer functionality for creating movies and recordings of events such as weddings and musical concerts.

Rumors also indicate that the GoPro Hero 5 will be designed for use in air, land and even underwater conditions, up to 60 meters according to reports. This is truly a multi-faceted performer, and one that could disrupt the action camera marketplace, when it finally appears.

Key waterproofing function

The high-quality underwater shooting capabilities of the GoPro Hero 5 is another major headline regarding this action camera. GoPro has reportedly been working on upgrading the waterproofing capabilities of the Hero series, with the aim of achieving a 60 meters depth for the camera’s underwater shooting.

GoPro has also developed new camera housing in order to facilitate this new feature, and advertising for the GoPro Hero 5 is highly likely to emphasize that this new ability. By comparison, the GoPro Hero 4 was only able to be taken 20 meters underwater, so the new camera is certainly aimed specifically at divers.

8K shooting

Perhaps the most exciting element of the forthcoming GoPro Hero 5 will be its ability to shoot 8K videos. This can hardly be viewed as mainstream technology as of yet; indeed, 4K resolution has yet to really become a central part of everyday life. But in the longer term it is expected that 8K video will indeed become part of cinematic culture, slotting itself alongside 4K video, which will be the de facto standard going forward.

The GoPro Hero 5 will also include a dual-lens setup, which will enable the action camera to capture both 3D images and video. This is a technology that has become somewhat marginalized over the last year or so, with 3D cinema not achieving the success that was predicted for it. But there is still the feeling that 3D video will become popular in the future, and it perhaps already has a more valid role as part of shorter home cinema productions.

GoPro is also expected to improve the battery in the GoPro Hero 5 to ensure that the unit will offer 24 hours of video recording on one charge. Bluetooth features are expected to be improved over the previous iteration in the series, and the A10 chip included in the unit will ensure that the action camera functions seamlessly in all shooting conditions.

The price of the GoPro Hero 4 has already been slashed ahead of this release, and it looks as if the next action camera in the GoPro hero series will be a very exciting competitor for the corporation.

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