Google Takeout Expands: Now Export Blogger Blogs And Google+ Pages

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Google has again taken a step further by giving users the choice to export the data and save it locally on their computers. In a post on its Data Liberation blog, the search engine company announced that Blogger users can now download an entire archive – or just a single blog or page of choice using Google Takeout. This is a really nice addition for those users out there who want to export/backup their blogs from Blogger. The blog posts can be exported as an Atom XML file.


But it does not end here. If you’re already enjoying exporting data from your Google+ Stream and Google+ Circles through Takeout in the past, then now you can download HTML files of your posts, and JSON files containing the circles for each Google+ Page you own. You have the choice to takeout everything or just the selected pages.

Visit Google Takeout and take advantage of this new addition of tools. Even if you don’t normally believe in exporting stuff, it’s better to do so, at least just for the sake of record?

(Via: Data Liberation Front)

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