Google Play Store Has More Apps Than Apple App Store [REPORT]

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The Android operating system of Google dominates the global smartphone market, and it is not surprising to find out that developers continue to develop more apps for Android than iOS users.

AppFigures, an apptracking platform for app developers and publishers reported that Google Play Store surpassed Apple’s App Store when comes to the total number of apps in 2014.

Google Play has more than 1.43 million apps

The firm’s data showed that Google Play had more than 1.43 million apps compared with 1.21 million apps available at Apple App Store by the end of last year.’s App Store had 293,000 apps, which very far behind Google Play and Apple App Store. Although’s App Store ranks in the distant third, its apps catalog rose 90% during the fourth quarter.

Google Play developer community is growing rapidly

The report also indicated that the number of developers creating apps on Google Play also increased significantly in 2014. There are almost 400,000 developers offering apps on Google Play compared with nearly 300,000 developers distributing apps on Apple App Store.

total number of developers by app store

The data showed that Google Play’s developer community is growing rapidly, and it has beaten Apple’s developer community in terms of growth over the past three consecutive years.’s developer community is almost 50,000 developers, which is also growing from more or less than 25,000 developers last year.

In terms of the number of developers, Google Play expanded nearly 180%, Apple App Store and Amazon App Store grow around 160%.

It is interesting to note that app development continues to grow, and the three app stores recorded almost 50% in 2014. In terms of categories, there is a huge spike in the development of business apps. Last year, there were 128 new business apps released on iOS alone.

On the other hand, the number of games apps released on Google Play increased more than 250% followed by photography and music apps. Business apps released on Google Play rose over 200%.

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