Google Play Reviews Will Now Need Your Google+ Profiles

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In an effort to link social media with everything you do on the Internet, Google now ties Google Play reviews to Google+ accounts.

Google Play Reviews Will Now Need Your Google+ Profiles

Every time you write a review on an app, song, album, book, or movie, you’ll get the following message from Google, “From now on, reviews you write will be posted publicly using your Google+ name and picture.”

If you want to write a review for Google Play but you don’t want it to show up on your Google+ account, you may have to either forego sharing your opinion, or you’ll have to agree to the new terms if you want to share your opinion.

This isn’t the only social media integration Google has done. They’ve already linked many of their popular websites with Google+, including Chrome, YouTube, Google Reader, Zagat, and Google Apps.

The primary reason behind Google’s latest move? The search engine giant didn’t give the details behind it, but the idea behind this is to prevent spam.

Although there is nothing wrong with Google’s decision to link reviews with Google+ accounts, many feel as if it’s another move to diminish anonymity and Internet privacy. But Google isn’t the first company to integrate social media throughout the Internet. Just last year, Facebook gave the okay to certain websites and popular blogs to allow their commenting systems show up on Facebook.

Google’s decision to integrate Google+ with Google Play could end up backfiring on them. People may love or hate the latest Android app on Google Play, but they may not like having their review publicly displayed on their profile page. It’s also important to point out that companies may not like having negative reviews of their app displayed so prominently on people’s social media profiles. Maybe in time, Google will change this a bit by having people sign up for Google Play with their Google+ account, but give them the option to select which reviews they want to display.

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