Google Play Games Leaks Ahead Of Official Announcement At Google I/O

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We’ve been hearing rumors for a long time that Google might be preparing to unveil an Android gaming service, similar to iOS’s Game Center or Microsoft’s Xbox Live. But now, this rumor has indeed got some evidence, as Android Police has obtained a leaked build of Google Play Services.

Google Play Games Leaks Ahead Of Official Announcement At Google I/O

According to this newly obtained leaked build, the new platform might be named Google Play Games. There are clear references to game notifications, scoring and achievements, in-game chat, cloud synced games, leaderboards, invitations, and lobbies. What’s most exciting about this new Google Play Games is the cloud game save feature that will, as the name suggests, save the game in the cloud.

As expected, the new service has some deep integration with Google+, Google’s social network, to handle all user ID information, so you can share your achievements and scores, invite others, and do much more. By looking at this, it seems that Google is not relying on Facebook at the moment, as the company has its own social network.

It can be said that Google is making games more social with the introduction of Google Play Games. But that’s not all, we’re soon going to see who hits the high score in our friend’s circle, invite others to play games and best of all—sync games on the cloud.

Google’s I/O conference will be held on May 15th, and if all the rumors are true, then we’ll see the official announcement on the Play Games soon. We’ll keep you informed, just stay tuned!

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