Google Pixel 2: Everything We Know So Far

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Google is placing more emphasis on its major smartphone product in 2017, with the Google Pixel 2 promising to be a major rival to the market leading iPhone and Galaxy ranges. Already a huge amount of information has been leaked on this next generation smartphone, so here is everything that we know about the Google’s new Pixel thus far.

New images of Google Pixel 2

Firstly, some new renders of the Google Pixel 2 have emerged in the last 24 hours, giving us an intriguing glimpse into the ultimate design of this smartphone. These are based on commercial cases by Olixar, and therefore give a strong impression on how the Pixel 2 will turn out.

Based on these images, published by Forbes, it seems that Google Pixel 2 generation will be extremely sleek, but also distinct from the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8. The curved edges that are expected in the Samsung phablet are conspicuous by their absence, while the design also excludes the top bezel cut-out of the iPhone 8. Many have noted that Google Pixel 2 series somewhat resembles the existing LG G6, rather unsurprising considering that the Korean firm is involved in the manufacturing of the device.

Standard specs

The leak also suggests that Google will continue with its policy of ensuring that all models in the Pixel series receive identical specifications. This implies that the only difference between the Pixel XL 2 and Pixel 2 will be the size of displays included.

This latest report contradicts previous suggestions that the smaller Google Pixel 2 device would be somewhat inferior to the larger Pixel XL 2. Steve Hemmerstoffer, better known as @onleaks, released a video that was also reputed to be based on blueprints handed to case manufacturers, which painted a different impression of the Pixel 2 series.

Hemmerstoffer’s footage suggested that the smaller Google Pixel 2 units would feature chunkier bezels than the larger, premium version of the mobile, while the curved OLED display that has been linked with the smartphone would also only appear in the Pixel XL 2. So two credible sources with decent track records fundamentally disagree on the Pixel 2 range, meaning that the design of the handset can be called into question.

Elsewhere, Android Police published another render which suggests that the circular fingerprint sensor will be part of the aluminum body rather than the glass section. Certainly we can expect design alterations compared to previous releases in the Google smartphone series.

Headphone jack

It also seems increasingly likely that Google will ditch the headphone jack for the Pixel 2, as the latest Olixar render pictures a device with this element eliminated. This certainly wouldn’t be a huge surprise, after Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone range last year. While this wasn’t a universally popular move at the time, it seems that the industry is heading in this general direction. HTC and Motorola have also ended support for headphone jacks in their particular smartphone releases.

Screen resolution

While smartphone consumers are eagerly awaiting the first raft of 4K mobiles, the Google Pixel 2 is not likely to be among them. The overwhelming likelihood is that Google will arm the Pixel 2 generation with a quad HD display. And it is even possible that the smaller Pixel 2 will only feature a full HD screen, although the latest leaks from Olixar imply that both the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2 will benefit from the same specifications.


There has been some debate over the camera to be included in the Google Pixel 2, after the previous iteration of the series delivered an outstanding photographic unit. In order to improve on this existing snapper, it has been suggested by some sources that Google will include a dual-lens camera in the Pixel 2. But other reports have asserted that the mega-corporation will stick to a single-lens unit in order to keep manufacturing costs down, and increasingly this seems the more likely option.

Squeezable frame

Another new feature that is expected to appear in the Google Pixel 2 generation is the inclusion of a squeezable frame. This pressure-sensitive feature will enable users to access various applications and features by pushing down on the sides of the device. This functionality has already been included in the HTC U11, and will make it easier for Google Pixel 2 consumers to access Google Assistant and answer incoming calls.

It has also been reported that the Pixel 2 will utilize this function in order to enable users to select different display profiles from the settings app. BGR reported that a vivid color option will be included in the display of the device, while new users will benefit from a Pixel Phone Tour tutorial when setting up the handset.

Dust and waterproofing

It is expected that another new feature will land in the Pixel 2 generation, with the implementation of decent dust and waterproofing. The Pixel 2 will deliver IP68 standards in this department, which will at least make the device more durable, even if it will still lag behind some of the market leaders in this area.


It is anticipated that Google will add higher storage options for the Pixel 2 generation, which should result in a 128GB version of the smartphone being released. However, despite the fact that it would undoubtedly be a popular feature, Google is not expected to introduce micro SD to provide users with more flexible storage options. The search engine giant seems to have a similar disdain to Apple for this technology that has proved popular in the Samsung Galaxy range.

Augmented reality

Google is also expected to include significant augmented reality technology in the Pixel 2 series, perhaps partly answering the Apple iPhone 8. Apple supremo Tim Cook has already expressed his enthusiasm for this innovation, and Google has responded by purchasing numerous augmented reality firms. While the lifecycle of augmented reality is still very much in its embryonic phase, we can reasonably expect the mega-corporation to promote AR in the marketing of the Pixel 2.


While the Google Pixel 2 series can be viewed as a premium smartphone range, particularly the larger Pixel XL 2, the price tags of these mobiles will be surprisingly affordable. It is believed that the smaller Pixel 2 device will retail at around $699, while the larger mobile in the series will carry a $100 premium, bumping the price take up to a still entirely reasonable $799. Considering that both the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 are expected to retail in the $1,000 ballpark, it is clear that the Google Pixel 2 will offer excellent value for money.

Release date

With the Galaxy Note 8 set to be announced in August, and the iPhone 8 expected to be unveiled in September, Google will wait until October to release its next-generation smartphone, in order to prevent market clashes with the big hitters.

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