Google Launches New Classroom App

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Modern technology has made major strides in education, and Google’s latest advancement is no exception. The search giant just launched its Classroom app, which enables students to submit their homework via their smartphones.

The latest innovative app for education

The new Classroom app is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. The app lets users take pictures of their completed assignments. When it is installed on a phone, the app prompts the user for a list of apps to share from another program. A user can upload a PDF file from Google Drive or a drawing from an art app. It also caches contents right at launch to help teachers access students’ homework offline.

It offers a Classroom for desktop as well, which shows teachers a list of assignments. This will give them a clearer view of what has been reviewed and what hasn’t. The new app also archives classes. There is no need for students or teachers to scroll through classes when they can find the most relevant information. Teachers can archive a class to remove it from the home page and make it read-only. After the class is archived, teachers and students can can access the information but can’t make any changes.

A look at Google’s other education programs

This isn’t the first time Google has made significant changes in the education tech industry. The search giant created many programs to help teachers and students of all ages. Some of the more notable programs include, which helps children learn the magic of coding, and Google Teacher Academy, which gives teachers the tools to help them use technology in education.

Some of Google’s education programs reach college students. Computer Science Summer Institute offers a three-week program for college freshmen who have an interest in computer science. Education is the key to the future and so is technology. This is why it is so important to use technology in education.


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