Google Glass Seen At MWC 2013

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Folks at CNET spotted a Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) fellow wearing Google Glass high-tech specs at the Mobile World Congress recording everything about Ubuntu Touch on the Google Nexus 4.

Google Glass is a 21st century super-connected high-tech specs that serves as an all-time smart fellow and works with the verbal commands of its wearer.

Google Glass Seen At MWC 2013
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CNET writes that in order to instruct the specs to start recording what they see, the wearer of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Glass has to say it aloud that they want the device to start recording what is in front of them.

Folks at CNET found it a little weird that the specs wearer, recording everything they see, may put the person they’re talking to in a bit of an awkward situation. A tiny bulb flicks over the right eye of the wearer which, according to the description, might not be noticed by the wearer himself.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) co-founder Sergey Brin, in his surprise appearance at the TED conference on Wednesday, came up with an entirely different advantage of Google Glass. Despite the fact that the specs creeps out the people around it with a light bulb flicked on, showing a sign that everything is on the camera, Brin thinks that the specs actually help the wearer in fighting the “emasculating” habit of compulsive smartphone checking.

“You’re actually socially isolating yourself with your phone,” Brin told the audience. “I feel like it’s kind of emasculating…. You’re standing there just rubbing this featureless piece of glass.

The 21st century high-tech spectacles that records and broadcasts everything that comes into their sight, are not available for sale yet and are only being used by people working at Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG).

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