Google Glass Could Hurt Your Vision

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Google Glass is often touted as a revolutionary product that could transform the way people access the internet, but a new study may put a damper on that. Scientists from the University of California in San Francisco recently discovered wearing the Google Glass cause more visual obstructions and blind spots than those wearing regular glasses.

The latest Google Glass study shows a health danger

The lead author for the research letter concerning the new technology, Dr. Tsontcho Ianchulev explained the possible dangers. He said, “I am very pro new technology. I’m an aficionado of anything new or novel, and I myself was an early adopter of Google Glass. But I almost got into a car accident when I was driving with it. And the device was even turned off at the time. So, that really alerted me to how much my peripheral vision seemed to be blocked by the frame.”

The problem with the technology involves design structure which may curtail natural peripheral vision. This create blind spots which interferes with safety when walking or driving.

The published study

The scientists shared their findings in a report published by Journal of the American Medical Association, November 5th issue. As part of the examination, the scientists outfitted three individuals with 20/20 corrected vision with Google Glass and gave them one hour to become acquainted with the technology. Afterwards, the scientists ran standard peripheral vision testing.

The results of the test showed that those who wore Google Glass experienced a loss of vision in their upper right quadrant. The research team also concluded from analyzing 132 photos of people wearing the device from a Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG) online search. This review shows the way the glasses are worn suggest a serious risk for developing a blind spot.

Ianchulev added, “Now, this was a very initial effort, based on just three participants and the follow-up analysis. Our goal is really just to open up a discussion and have the manufacturer address the impact in a substantial way, because we realized there was really very little on the topic.”

The team has already contacted Google.


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