Google’s Excuse to Silence Growing Anti-Court Packing Movement

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Google Now Claims Ads Banned Because Keep Nine Website Asks People to Contact their Senators

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Tech Giant Fumbles for Excuse to Silence Growing Anti-Court Packing Movement

Google's Efforts To Ban Court Packing

Washington, D.C. – Google has moved the goalposts on Keep Nine in its ongoing quest to censor the group’s efforts to ban court packing. Keep Nine tried to place an ad on Google that in January that said “Stop Court Packing, Nine Justices, Bipartisan Support.” It was taken down because, according to Google, it was close to a “sensitive event,” that being Joe Biden’s inauguration. But in its latest email to Keep Nine, Google is now saying that the violation comes from the content of the Keep Nine website.

According to Google: “Hence, Political content which includes ads for political organizations, political parties, political issue advocacy or fundraising, and individual candidates and politicians may come under Sensitive events - US elections. Your ads are disapproved due to the content present on the website. I could see that the website talks about political issue advocacy where it mentions "Contact your Senator and member of Congress and ask where they stand on Keep Nine".”

“What Google is saying is that by encouraging voters to contact their elected officials – which is the cornerstone of our Republic – we are somehow violating their political policies and being insensitive,” Keep Nine said Wednesday morning. ‘The logic is nothing more than a screen for Google to censor us. First we were told that our ad was banned because of its content. Now we’re told it was banned because of us encouraging civic engagement on our website. It’s as ludicrous as it is un-American. The truth is that if Google doesn’t like your message or feels threatened by it, they will make up as many excuses as they need to in order to justify this sort of technical autocracy.”

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