Google Employees Using Memes To Express Hate For Nest And Fadell

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Google acquired Nest some time ago, but the acquisition has basically turned into a giant dumpster fire which has been observed over the past few weeks. Since its acquisition, Nest’s product portfolio has grown at a slow pace, and it is not able to generate enough revenues to meet expectations. This is something Google employees are not liking.

Why are Google employees upset with Nest?

Google employees hate Nest so much that they routinely generate memes that mock the company and circulate them around the office, according to Re/code. A prominent reason for employees’ discontent is the working style of Nest CEO Tony Fadell, which sounds like a complete nightmare to them. This is because he has a habit of disparaging employees when they leave the company.

Other important reason for discontent among Google employees is the acerbic corporate culture at Nest instilled by Fadell. Such a culture is seen as antithetical to Google’s, says Re/code. Google is known for its relaxed culture, and many Googlers believe Nest is an affront to it. This has been shown in the memes.

However, many believe Fadell’s more abrasive, tenacious style is an asset for Nest and that it is necessary for shipping hardware products and more fitting for a startup, which Nest claims to be.

Nest a failure?

Nest’s decision to shutter Revolv also left many Google employees displeased. Now some of the meme creators are using the occasion to recommend what Alphabet should actually do with Nest, which has not released a single hardware product since its acquisition. The employees are using Google’s internal “Memegen” system to create the memes, and Re/code managed to obtain some of them. One of them refers to the Revolv automation hub that Nest acquired in 2014 but later decided to shut it down.

These memes suggest two remarkable things. First, Google employees have a strong dislike towards fellow Alphabet employees, and to show it, they are making internal memes about it. Second, the hatred towards Nest is so strong that they are even leaking those memes to the media, notes BGR.

Meanwhile, at Google’s all-hands meeting, Fadell said his company is on track to hit sales targets. And “some of the memes created during Fadell’s Google all-hands visit were far more damning,” says Re/code.

As of now, there has been no comment on Re/code’s story from Google orNest.

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