Google Doodle Brings Out Yet Another Olympic Game: Soccer 2012

Google Doodle Brings Out Yet Another Olympic Game: Soccer 2012
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Google Doodle Brings Out Yet Another Olympic Game: Soccer 2012

Google has been on the cutting edge of gaming this year, as they have brought out no less than 4 new games on their Google Doodle game platform. All four of the games are themed after Olympic events, and are attracting loads of attention. The first three games to become available, were hurdle racing, basketball, and the canoe slalom. The fourth one, which is now available, is themed after the most popular sport on Earth, soccer.

Soccer has been featured in the Olympics since before we were born. Mens soccer has been a tournament sport at the event every year except 1896 & 1932. The womens soccer tournament was introduced to the Olympics in 1996.

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Soccer was featured in Paris in 1900, and in St. Louis, in 1904, but there were no medals awarded for it back then. It was 1908 in London, when the game was officially introduced to the Olympic lineup and medals were awarded.

Surprisingly enough, the Argentina men’s team, who won Gold in 2004, didn’t qualify to play in London this year, nor did their women’s team. Brazil is hoping to secure their first gold medal this Saturday, while in the women’s field, the U.S. Tends to dominate.

Google’s new game is sure to attract interest, as it is simple to play, and even small children can enjoy it. It’s a great game to use to teach your child some of the history behind the Olympic games, as well as offering some time of enjoyment.

You can play the Google Doodle of Soccer 2012 right here:

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