Google Docs Now Have Voice Dictation

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Google has introduced a new feature by which it is possible to voice dictate to Google docs. It works pretty well, but the user needs to pay close attention, and will also have to make use of the keyboard for corrections. With the update, Google is trying to compete with Microsoft Office 2016, which is expected to debut later this month.

Google adds much-needed features

A small set of upgrades to the cloud office software suite was announced by the Internet firm on Wednesday. The most exciting feature of this update is the ability to type with your voice. ‘Voice’ typing supports 40 languages. However, Google Docs director of product management Ryan Tabone said that the company is not sure if the new voice typing feature can handle the “Boston accent yet.”

Google also added a “see new changes” option using which a user will be able to view all the changes made by the group in his or her absence. This makes it perfect for control freaks. “The idea is to make creating a document more of a conversation,” Tabone told Fortune,

A new ‘research’ feature to the Google Docs Android app has also been added. This feature allows users to easily insert relevant charts and graphs into the document, from the topic that a user is working on. Google also improved Doc by offering more refined templates of Doc, Slides and Sheets applications.

How is the ‘Voice’ experience?

Google Doc’s voice typing feature is very useful, especially for business purposes – such as transcribing meetings or collaborating with people in other locations. The voice recognition software has been designed for simple input only. Google’s algorithms are usually able to understand the speaker if the sentence is said out loud and clear, and there is silence around. Things can be iffy in case the speaker tries something crazy like hitting the return button, says Adam Clark Estes of Gawker Media

Learning how to type with your voice is very much similar to learning how to juggle light bulbs, says Gawker. All seems well if the user is able to figure out the trick of doing it, but the effort can go in vain even if the user makes a single mistake. You can turn on the new voice typing feature by going to the tools tab in the menu.

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