Google Announces Improvements To Hot Searches

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Google Announces Improvements To Hot Searches

In efforts to stay on top of their game, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) recently announced on their blog that they’re were going to introduce a new set of updates to Hot Searches, a special feature which is fueled by Google Trends.

The new changes will continue to allow users to view recent search trend on Google’s website however much of it will feature more visual results with results featured in groups and more contextual information. Hot Searches is a specialized feature that lists the fastest growing search terms in the United States. And since Google is the most widely used search engine out there, it provides a more accurate look at commonly used search terms.

Google reports that their Hot Search list is updated about every hour utilizing algorithms to research millions of searches in the USA in order to figure out which search queries are the most popular.

Hot Searches is a great tool for bloggers and webmasters who want to stay on top of the most current search trends. It’s also a great tool for businesses and advertising firms to figure out which websites could help them make the most revenue. A recent search on Google’s Hot Searches page indicates that Apple, television personality Robin Roberts, L.A. Kings, Pirate Bay, and True Blood are the most current trending topics.

Google’s blog post further states that the results are rich in images and links which is supposed to give you more insight as to what’s popular. One of the most important key features for Hot Searches is the filters to help the user find the most important and recent news results of the day.

Improving the Hot Searches feature was a smart move to make as it’s one that will benefit everyone from average news junkie to the savvy pop culture blogger.

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