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Gold: The Investment You Never Knew – Pierre Lassonde [Slides]

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Pierre Lassonde’s presentation from the Spring 2016 Grant’s Conference titled, “Gold: The Investment You Never Knew.”

Gold Demand – Diversity and Growth (2006-2015)

  • Global growth in consumer demand: up 26%
  • China consumer demand: up 273%
  • India consumer demand: up 19%
  • European investment demand: up 1400%

Gold has outperformed most mainstream assets:

  • Global Treasury Bonds by 61%
  • Global Equities by 54%
  • Commodities by 178%
  • Global Real Estate by 36%

A Bull Market In All Currencies Save For the Dollar

Gold is a growth market


Global gold demand has grown 251% over the past 35 years

Mine Supply Has Not Kept Pace


Mine production has grown, but falls short of meeting demand

Discoveries Have Fallen steadily Since the 80’s

Represents 189 gold deposits discovered since 1990, each with at least 2m oz of gold in total reserves, resources and past production (or at least 1m oz in reserves)

China To Become The Largest Market


China’s gold demand has trebled in 10 years

Factors Underpin Gold In a Negative Rate Environment

  • Opportunity cost: This disappears in a negative yield world
  • Uncertainty: Who knows how negative yields will pan out? The Bank of International Settlements has warned it can hold back growth, fuel instability and affect investor behavior
  • Weak currencies: Negative rates can be viewed of as an extension of beggar-thy-neighbor currency wars

See full presentation below.

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