GameStop To Roll-out Game Rental Service Costing $60 For Six Months

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GameStop has confirmed that the PowerPass service will launch starting Nov. 19. The GameStop PowerPass service, which will cost $60 for six months, will enable players unlimited rentals for six months, according to Gamerant.

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GameStop PowerPass – a smart strategy

Sliding into the holiday season, Power Pass will let gamers enjoy “unlimited gaming” for six months. Once the six months are over, gamers are also allowed to select any one game that they want to keep. GameStop’s offer, however, is only for PowerUp Rewards members. The PowerUp Rewards membership consists of several tiers, and for some of them, one has to pay an annual fee.

The rental concept is usually seen in the videos category, where customers take them home to watch and return them later. But, that is not entirely new to the gaming segment. Gamefly also offers similar rental services giving new games for six months, but at a much higher cost. Also, Gamefly does not allow gamers to keep one game once the six months is over.

Earlier this year, GameStop had to shut down 150 stores. However, the GameStop PowerPass could turn things around for them as players will need to visit the store to get the game that they need. Also, the GameStop PowerPass service will give the company a new way to monetize massive overstock of secondhand games.

“This is an unexpected play by GameStop, but a seemingly sensible one. As the video game space continues to shift toward online sales, there’s likely a shrinking secondhand market to go along with it,” says Mashable.

As of now, not all the stores seem to be aware of the offer as GameStop is still in the process of rolling out the program, notes Gamerant. However, all the game stores will be ready by Nov. 19 for sure.

Black Friday deals starting earlier

Renting the games is not the only strategy that GameStop is adapting to this season. In recent years, the retailer remained closed for Thanksgiving Day. However, this Thanksgiving, gamers can stroll into GameStop stores and get their favorite games. The company stated that they would open for a “limited time” on Nov. 23, the day before Black Friday, notes TechRadar.

According to GameStop, the decision to remain open is a response to requests by store associates and customer requests. However, the influence of competitors cannot be ruled out entirely. The latest deals from GameStop can be found on the GameStop Weekly Ad page and the GameStop Deals Page. Both pages have information about daily, as well as, weekly discounts on consoles, games and other items.

Separately, earlier this month, GameStop kicked in a pre-owned game sale allowing gamers to own thousands of pre-owned games for as low as $10, $20, $40 and so on. To grab the deal, the customers were to select four games at or below $4.99, which would then be available to them at the price of $10. Similarly, if the user selected four games priced at or below $9.99, they were eligible to get it for $20. The offer lasted until Oct. 15.

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