Galaxy S9 Camera Leak Suggests Single Lens Setup

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A recent Galaxy S9 camera leak suggests that the phone may ship with a single rear camera.

Galaxy S9 Camera Leak

In a departure from the trend towards dual-cameras, it appears as if the Galaxy S9 will only have a single rear camera, just like its predecessor. There’s currently no new information about the sensor that the rear camera will use, but it will have to be seriously impressive to make up for the loss of performance that a dual lens setup adds. However, it seems as if the Galaxy S9 Plus is rumored to have a dual rear camera, so it’s possible that a single rear camera is a downgrade rather than an application of some brand new tech.

Another new piece of information we can glean from the Galaxy S9 camera leak is that the fingerprint scanner has now been moved to underneath the camera. This is an interesting change from the Galaxy S8 where the scanner was on the side of the lens rather than the bottom. While this change may make it slightly more convenient to unlock the phone, many users are definitely pining for a traditional scanner on the front of the phone.

As screens get larger and bezels continue to shrink, real estate on the phone’s front is a limited commodity. Recent tech advancements suggest we may see the ability to implant a sensor underneath the screen of the phone, which would solve the problem, but until then we’re stuck with a sensor on the back of the upcoming Galaxy S9. The phone will also likely ship with a variant containing 64 GB of internal storage (as far as we can tell from the sticker attached to the phone in the leaked image.)

Galaxy S9: What We Know

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S9 will likely not be launched until the first quarter of 2018, there have been numerous leaks that detail the device’s design and internal specs. Information obtained before this most recent Galaxy S9 camera leak suggests that the phone will retain the aesthetic of its predecessor. The phone will likely ship with a 5.77 inch display that is slightly smaller, yet comparable to the 5.8 inch display of the Galaxy S8. The US variant of the phone will probably employ the power of the Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm, a chipset that the company claims offers 25 percent increased performance, and a staggering 30 percent improvement in graphics compared the Galaxy S8’s Snapdragon 835. For international buyers, it’s looking like the smartphone will be equipped with the Exynos 9810 chipset — a custom creation featuring Samsung’s third-generation CPU and a new and improved GPU.

The Galaxy S9 camera leak image gives us more confidence about the recent rumors regarding the phone’s design. The phone will be made of metal and glass, as expected. It’s also reported that the handset has the capability to connect to 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks, ensuring it will be usable in almost every market. 802.11b/g/b WiFi connectivity and GPS navigation are to be included as well, which is to be expected with any new flagship.

Galaxy S9 Release Date

It’s likely that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S9 at the Mobile World Congress in 2018, which will take place in just a few months in February 2018. As we move closer to the phone’s suspected launch, it’s likely that there will be more leaks, but we’ll likely have to wait for the event itself to get any information out of Samsung.

The Galaxy S9 camera leak that suggests the base S9 model will ship with a single lens is somewhat disappointing. There’s a possibility that Samsung has some sort of new technology up their sleeves, but in general it’s seeming like the Galaxy family may be stagnating — especially considering that the device’s big brother, The Galaxy S9 Plus, is rumored to include the full dual-camera setup. It’s looking like photography enthusiasts may want to upgrade to the Plus when it’s time to buy a new phone, but this information is all preliminary and unconfirmed. It’s definitely possible that a new leak or announcement could come to light that invalidates this previous information. However, considering the base S8 model shipped with a single lens, it’s looking likely that this leak is legitimate.

If the Galaxy S9 camera leak is legitimate, it will be up to Samsung to convince its customers that the single camera isn’t a significant step backwards. The “Plus” model should definitely be the more premium option, but it’s always disappointing to learn that the more basic model will be missing such a cool feature. We’ll have to wait until the Mobile World Congress to see what exactly we can expect from Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

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