Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge Price In UK, US, Canada

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With Samsung having released the premium Galaxy S7, consumers all over the western world are looking to get their hands on this massive handset. The Galaxy S7 is considered the flagship mobile of the Korean corporation, and proves particularly popular in English-language speaking countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Pricing can vary significantly between the various locations, so here is a guide to what consumers can expect to pay for both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in these major territories.

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge – US Price

The United States is, of course, one of the most significant marketplaces for Samsung and the Galaxy S7, and thus there are some excellent deals available for consumers in what remains arguably the world’s strongest economy. The Galaxy S7 retails at $699 for the 32GB model in the United States, with four main color variants available, namely black, white, gold and silver. This is a pretty good price considering that the current version of the iPhone currently retails at around the same price point, but offers only 16GB of storage.

Many good deals are available in the United States, and this means that it is possible to pick up a Galaxy S7 Edge device for approximately the same price as the standard smartphone version of the Galaxy S7. However, this does involve utilizing the eBay auction site, with some sellers currently proffering the 32GB version of the Galaxy S7 Edge for the same $700 pricet tag that would be required in stores for the more affordable variant.

Purchasing Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones via more conventional retailers will entail shelling out around $900, although carrier locked variants are often available for a price tag in the region of $800. Additionally, if US consumers do not wish to shell out for the full RRP of the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, then numerous on-contract offers are available, usually attracting a price tag of $199 for the Galaxy S7 and $299 for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

UK Price

British consumers typically suffer higher retail prices for consumer electronics than the American market, and the Galaxy S7 is no exception to this rule. Although Samsung has ensured that the device is available at a relatively affordable price in Britain, certainly being fairer with British consumers than many other major corporations, the device is still more expensive than in the United States, and this is compounded by the relatively weak position of sterling at present.

The Galaxy S7 is priced at £569 for the base model in the United Kingdom, while the Galaxy S7 Edge is available to consumers at £639. However, there are also a wide variety of on-contract deals available, and these tend to attract the most consumers due to the small amount of money that needs to be put down initially. Some retailers are offering a Galaxy S7 handset for deals in the region of £34 per month, and this will naturally attract a lot of attention.

Both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are also available in rather ostentatious 24 karat gold, platinum and karat rose gold options. Each of these salubrious units are sold in an accompanying wooden box, with a wireless charger and Gear VR headset thrown in.

The 24k gold Galaxy S7 costs £1700 plus VAT (£2040 inc VAT), while the 24k gold S7 Edge costs £1800 plus VAT (£2160 inc VAT). For the platinum model you’ll pay £1800 plus VAT (£2160 inc VAT) for the S7 and £1900 plus VAT (£2280 inc VAT) for the Edge. Finally, for rose gold the S7 is priced at £1750 plus VAT (£2100 inc VAT) and the S7 Edge at £1850 plus VAT (£2220 inc VAT).

Additionally, any customers who have preordered the Galaxy S7 before March 5 in England will receive the phone plus a bonus Gear VR headset automatically; a pretty generous offer.

Canada Price

There are a huge amount of deals available for both the Galaxy S7 and and Galaxy S7 Edge in Canada, with numerous carriers competing for Canadian custom. But one can expect to pay around C$900 for the 32GB version of the standard Galaxy S7, although numerous deals are also available relating to calling options and data packages.

By the same token, one can expect to pay in the region of C$1000 for the base unit of the Galaxy S7 Edge, although shopping around could garner a significant discount on this price tag. At the very least, numerous carriers have provided deals intended to tempt people to purchase the Galaxy S7 Edge in Canada, so Canadian Galaxy S7 fans would be well recommended to shop around diligently.

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