Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S Edge Confirmed By Vodafone

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Will the Galaxy S Edge screen be curved only on one side or both?

Samsung is widely expected to unveil its next-gen Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress beginning March 2. Though the release is still over a month away, British carrier Vodafone has accidentally spilled the beans about the name of Samsung’s unreleased device and its sibling. Along with the standard version, Samsung is also expected to launch a special version of the Galaxy S6 with a curved screen.

‘Galaxy S Edge’ appears in Vodafone’s source code

Dutch website Galaxy Club reports that Vodafone Netherlands has confirmed both devices by listing their names on its website. The telecom carrier’s website already has placeholder images and text for the Galaxy S6. Further, the Dutch publication has spotted the name “Galaxy S Edge” in the source code of Vodafone Netherlands’ placeholder page for the Galaxy S6.

Galacy S6 Edge

Naming of the Edge variant is in line with the Galaxy Note Edge naming scheme that the Korean electronics giant used for the curved screen version of the Galaxy Note 4. Samsung will likely drop the number from the title of Edge model. However, it provides little clarification about the device itself. Will the Galaxy S Edge screen be curved only on one side or both? Some rumors point to one side screen while others claim that it will be curved on both sides. We will know only when Samsung showcases the phone at MWC.

Qualcomm to provide a special chip for Galaxy S6

Earlier this month, reports claimed that Samsung was planning to ditch Qualcomm’s 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor in the Galaxy S6 due to overheating issues. But sources familiar with the matter told Don Clark and Min-Jeong Lee of The Wall Street Journal that Qualcomm has agreed to provide Samsung with a new version of Snapdragon processor by March.

Last week, inside sources told BGR that the Galaxy S6 will sport a 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, 20-megapixel main camera with Optical Image Stabilization, 5-megapixel front camera, a built-in wireless charging, Android Lollipop and a 2550mAh battery. Sources said that the Korean company would also unveil Samsung Pay, a rival to Apple Pay.

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