Galaxy S10 Plus Price, Carrier Availability And How To Pre-order

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Earlier this week, Samsung announced a bunch of smartphones and accessories at its Unpacked event. While the foldable device Galaxy Fold stole the show, it’s so expensive that most people can’t afford it. If you have been in the market for a new premium smartphone, you might be interested in the Galaxy S10 Plus, arguably the best smartphone Samsung has ever launched. You can check out here how the S10 Plus stacks up against Apple’s iPhone XS Max and Google’s Pixel 3 XL. The Galaxy S10 Plus price is certainly in the premium range but it’s not as expensive as the Galaxy Fold.

Budget-conscious customers could opt for the Galaxy S10e that starts at $750 for the base model, but remember that its camera is not as good as the S10 Plus and it gets a side-mounted capacitive fingerprint sensor rather than the ultrasonic one. And if you don’t want a giant display, you could go with the standard Galaxy S10, which starts at $899 and gives you nearly identical specs as its larger sibling.

The Galaxy S10 Plus gets you everything the S10 offers, plus a dual camera setup on the front for selfies, a gorgeous and scratch-resistant ceramic design, a larger display, a bigger battery, and higher RAM and storage options. On top of that, DxOMark has declared that the S10 Plus has the best smartphone camera in the world. If you have made up your mind to go with the S10 Plus, let’s take a look at the Galaxy S10 Plus price, carrier availability, and how you can pre-order.

Galaxy S10 Plus Price

The S10 Plus comes in three variants: 8GB+128GB, 8GB+512GB, and 12GB+1TB storage. All three models have a microSD card slot with support for up to 512GB of external storage. The base model with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage comes in the standard prism white, prism black, and prism blue colors. The 512GB and 1TB storage models are offered in luxurious white, ceramic black, and ceramic white colors.

The 128GB model costs $999 in the US for the unlocked variant. The 512GB model with 8GB RAM is going to set you back by $1,249. The 1TB storage variant costs a staggering $1,599, which makes it one of the most expensive smartphones available in the United States. Even Apple’s most expensive iPhone XS Max with 512GB storage costs only $1,449. People who had reserved the device before the announcement can save up to $550 by trading-in their current smartphone.

Samsung believes at least some people with deep pockets will happily pay $1,600 for the 1TB S10 Plus. Thanks to the DeX docking station, it can perform laptop-like tasks when you connect it to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. The DeX hasn’t received a major update with new Galaxy S phones, but the enhanced storage and processing power will allow you to use your phone for more and more laptop-like tasks.

How and where to pre-order

Samsung has already started taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S10 Plus. The phones will hit the store shelves on March 8th. No matter which storage option you pre-order, you’ll get a free set of Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds, which is similar to Apple’s AirPods and costs $130 if you purchase them separately. The S10 Plus supports Wireless PowerShare technology, meaning the phone can wirelessly charge the Galaxy Buds and other accessories.

You can pre-order the device from Samsung’s website or through the Shop Samsung app. During the pre-order process, you can choose whether you want the unlocked version or a carrier-specific version. You also get to choose the color option and storage.

If you pre-order the device at Best Buy, you’ll get up to $650 in savings when you trade-in your current phone and activate a new line with Sprint or Verizon. If you are a Sam’s Club member, you’ll get a $200 Gift Card. The device is also available for pre-order at Xfinity Mobile, Amazon, Target, or Walmart.

Carrier availability

Most carriers in the United States have already announced their plans and prices for the Galaxy S10 Plus.

  • T-Mobile: If you go with T-Mobile, you’ll be paying $200 down at purchase and $22.23 per month for 36 months. If you want to trade-in your current device, it could knock up to $390 off the purchase of the S10 Plus when you open a new line.
  • Sprint: Sprint is offering the S10 Plus at $41.67 per month with Sprint Flex 18-month lease. At the end of 18 months, you can return the device and upgrade it to a new model. Or you can buy it via one lump-sum payment or six monthly payments.
  • AT&T: The carrier is offering Galaxy S10 Plus at $33.34 per month for the base model. If you want the 512GB model, it goes up to $41.67 per month. The 1TB model costs $53.34 a month for 30 months. Pre-order customers will get free Galaxy Buds. AT&T is also offering a free Galaxy S10e via bill credits if you open a new line.
  • Verizon: At Verizon, the Galaxy S10 Plus price starts at $41.66 per month for 24 months. Pre-order customers will get free Galaxy Buds. Verizon is also running a special offer where you get a free Galaxy S10e or $750 in credit towards a more expensive Galaxy phone when you purchase the S10 Plus. However, it requires a new line and you get the discount via bill credits.
  • Xfinity Mobile: This carrier is offering pre-order customers a $250 Visa gift card if they port a number to Xfinity Mobile between February 21 and April 7th.

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