Galaxy Note 8 News And Rumors You Need To Know

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Galaxy Note 8 news is now beginning to accumulate rapidly ahead of the anticipated release of this next generation phablet. It is widely expected that the Note 8 will launch in August, ahead of its great rival the Apple iPhone 8. We can expect the number of leaks and media reports on this device to accelerate accordingly, so here is a latest rundown of all of the latest Galaxy Note 8 news.

Sketches emerge

Firstly, a new set of sketches that purport to depict the next generation Galaxy Note 8 have recently emerged online. This is nothing particularly new, but what they do reveal is that the upcoming handset will feature augmented reality technology. This is already been strongly linked with the iPhone 8, with the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, explicitly indicating his preference for AR.

The sketch also reveals an outstanding camera, with the dual-lens unit seemingly consisting of a 21-megapixel resolution. An aperture of f/1.7 and a supplementary sensor are also apparently included, meaning that the photographic setup in the Galaxy Note 8 will be rather akin to the ASUS ZenFone AR.

Other features were also evident in the image, with a USB Type-C port and 3.5mm audio jack both visible. The inclusion of the headphone jack will be particularly warmly welcomed by Android fans, as its exclusion from the iPhone 7 was a bone of contention when announced by Apple.

Two stereo speakers can also be seen in this image, with Apple seemingly keen on improving the music-playing capabilities of the smartphone. There is also real estate set aside for the S Pen stylus, which will be located in the far-right corner of the bottom portion of the device. The S Pen has been linked with some unique features related to pressure-sensitivity, vibration, and even a unique speaker system.

$1,000 price tag

Another piece of Galaxy Note 8 news that may not be particularly welcomed by consumers is that the suggestion that this phablet will retail at a price point in excess of $1,000. An unnamed executive was quoted by Korean publication Osen as stating that the Galaxy Note 8 will cost either $1,000 or $1,100 depending on the particular marketplace.

This price tag has already been linked with the Apple iPhone 8, with the majority of analysts believing that the flagship from the consumer electronics giant will cost in excess of $1,000 in 2017.

It had been expected that Samsung would freeze prices in response to this, with the Korean corporation needing to re-establish the credibility of the Note branding after the disaster of the exploding Galaxy Note 7. But the manufacturer is obviously confident that it can deliver an exciting Galaxy Note 8 release which attracts consumers even at this hefty price tag.

Quad HD linked

In other Galaxy Note 8 news, it is increasingly expected that the display included in the device will be the largest ever in a Samsung Mobile release. The general consensus of opinion is that the screen will be 6.3-inches in size, although the 4K resolution that had been linked with the phablet is now not expected.

Samsung will instead replicate the resolution that was included in the Galaxy S8 generation, meaning that the Galaxy Note 8 will be capable of displaying more pixels than a quad HD unit. The Galaxy S8 was capable of displaying 1,440 x 2,960 pixels, and it now seems that this is a likely resolution for the Galaxy Note 8 as well.

Some reports still suggest that Samsung will opt for 4K resolution technology with the Galaxy Note 8, in order to support its Gear VR technology. A release with both significant augmented reality and virtual reality support would certainly garner headlines, but it does seem more likely that a quad HD+ smartphone will be released.

A dual-curved display has also been strongly linked with the next generation phablet. Samsung has particularly popularized the curved screen, ever since it is begun including the technology in its range of high-end television sets.

Powerful camera

Another piece of Galaxy Note 8 news suggests that the camera included in the smartphone will be particularly impressive. Analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Park Kang-ho both believe that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a dual-camera unit, which Kuo in particular believes will be at least the equal of any smartphone camera released thus far.

Apple, LG and Huawei have all included dual-cameras in their previous smartphone releases, and this technology is particularly attractive due to the flexibility and improved shooting in low-light conditions that it offers. The latter has been particularly problematical for smartphone cameras, meaning that it would make sense for Samsung to include this feature in the Galaxy Note 8.

Kuo indeed suggests that the new camera will be the most important upgrade included in the Galaxy Note 8, and that it will feature a 12-megapixel CIS support dual photodiode, 13-megapixel telephoto CIS, dual optical image stabilization and 3x optical zoom.

LG battery support

Another item of Galaxy Note 8 news that will be particularly critical for the forthcoming phablet relates to a report from the Korea Herald. This publication indicates that Samsung intends to source batteries from LG Chem, along with its own Samsung SDI battery conglomerate and China ATL.

It is intriguing that Samsung is seeking assistance from its own native rival, but it is essential for the corporation to deliver a particularly robust battery considering the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7. The battery included in the last generation phablet was fingered as the cause of the explosion issue which led to its ultimate recall.

Samsung has already publicised its new eight-point procedure which is intended to ensure that there is no repeat of this fiasco, and seeking top-graded batteries from the likes of LG seems like another precautionary measure.

With Samsung devices having performed surprisingly well in the aftermath of this highly publicized issue, there will be strong anticipation for the release of the Galaxy Note 8, in what is expected to be August.

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