Galaxy Note 8 Design: S8 Prototype Gives An Idea Of It [PHOTOS]

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It seems rather odd to point this out, but, there are still leaked images of prototype Galaxy S8’s leaking on the internet. Which begs the question, why, when the handset is but day’s away from official release? It turns out that, these leaks may be able to give us an idea as to the Galaxy Note 8 design and possibly even some of its features. Those that for either technical or due to time constraint reasons didn’t make it onto the S8 or S8 Plus.

Could the Note 8 end up with a design similar to that of its S-Line siblings? It’s possible, all the current indications point towards Samsung taking this approach with all flagship devices, which leads to edge-to-edge displays. And with its new infinity display technology making waves across the industry, who could blame it. However, as to why this involves the Galaxy Note 8, you would have to look at recent leaks.

S8 Plus Becomes Galaxy Note 8

Now the latest leaks of images showing the S8’s with varying different designs could just be fake. Although, they could just be early prototypes of those handsets, plans which Samsung decided to drop. One example showed a device with a unique dual-camera and fingerprint setup on the rear. Something which is similar to what will be available, just without the dual-camera on the back. However, others have shown fingerprint sensors in the display, which is apparently what Samsung originally wanted to achieve.

The below tweet from Russian Eldar Murtazin reads in translation “This was the S8 +, this has become Note 8”.

As for what information the images in the tweet divulge, it’s clearly an S8 prototype, not a Galaxy Note 8. However, what it does have is a dual-rear-camera setup with a heart rate sensor and flash beneath it. Meaning, there’s no fingerprint sensor, which Murtazin believes could have been neatly tucked away on the front in the display. Which he also believes, means this could be a foresight of what the Galaxy Note 8 could look like.

Galaxy Note 8 Design

Many thought that even though Samsung Mobile boss DJ Koh promised Note fans an even better Note 8. The announcement of a Galaxy S8 Plus with a phablet-sized 6.2-inch display meant there would be no room for the Note. After all, the fiasco that was the Note 7 seemed to give Samsung good enough reason to scrap any plans. However, seeing as it seems the South Korean giant had serious design/technological problems with the S8’s surrounding fingerprint sensor placement. The Note 8 is back on the agenda for a late 2017 release something which has critics pondering.

As for how it will look and what features it will have, no one outside of Samsung knows. Although, this hasn’t as we mentioned earlier prevented speculation about it from circling.

Yes, we can expect it to be large, but, how large, the S8 Plus at 6.2-inches is surely as big as a smartphone/phablet needs get. So, the Galaxy Note 8 can’t use its size to distinguish itself. Additionally, the rumors suggest a wraparound display is yet gain likely, as again as we mentioned earlier, this is the route Samsung is taking.

So, what on the design front could help the Note 8 stand out? Surely not the S-Pen, yes it’s something that the S8’s don’t have. But, it’s hardly new, and can only be described as a feature not part of design. The answer is, we will have to wait and see. As the leaks, we’ve seen of late point more towards improved functionality and features.

Galaxy Note 8 Design
Image source: Twitter

4K Display

One huge bonus/innovation that could make the Galaxy Note 8 is a native 4K display. Samsung has been long promising such a panel on its devices, something which would be a revolution for mobile VR. Such a technology would lead the increased pixel density for Gear VR owners and the end of the screen-door effect.

Now, it’s clear that such a technology would not make much if any difference for regular use. Such as browsing the web. However, VR gaming and movie watching would be transformed, although, it’s thought this high resolution would be limited to certain apps. With either full-HD or Quad-HD being the default everyday resolution for the Galaxy Note 8.

Dual Camera

Where the much talked about Dual-camera is concerned the consensus on it is pretty solid thanks to a recent Samsung announcement. An announcement which revealed the Exynos 9 chip with dual-camera support. Now, it’s thought the fact that Samsung has incorporated such an ability into its next-gen chipset means such a camera will find its way to a handset soon. Other industry insiders and we believe it will be/should be the Galaxy Note 8, seeing as the S8’s missed out.

Fingerprint Sensor

Another almost certain to appear feature is a display embedded fingerprint sensor. For which the limitations Samsung was facing during the S8 production should have been overcome. Now, there’s no information available about what the issue was. However, its reliability is thought to have been the reason, with work to resolve it being ongoing. As soon as we hear more on this, we will let you know.

Final Thoughts

With information limited, and the hunt on for any scraps of information about the Galaxy Note 8. You should take all of the above with a pinch of salt. Yes, the handset will launch probably somewhere around the same time as the iPhone 8. As for what we will get that is anyone’s guess; however, it will have to be innovative. Offering tech not yet seen on other Samsung devices.

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