Galaxy Note 6: Five Things To Expect In Samsung’s Next Phablet

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Samsung fans are eagerly looking forward to the Galaxy S7 that will be unveiled later this month in Barcelona. The Korean company’s another flagship device, the Galaxy Note 6, is also not very far away. Going by Samsung’s Note release cycle, the next-gen Note may be unveiled in August or September. Last year’s Note 5 was a major disappointment as its specs were similar to that of Galaxy S6.

Samsung continues to lose market share to Apple in the high-end market and to Chinese Android vendors in the medium to low-price market. The company needs to bring latest and greatest technological advancements with the Galaxy Note 6 to stay competitive in the market. Here are the five major advances that we can expect in the Note 6:

1- A powerful, PC-like processor

Tech Times notes that the Note 6 would be a powerful gaming PC packed into a phablet. The device is said to be powered by a 16-core processor built using 14nm FinFET technology. We can also expect it to feature at least 8GB RAM for multi-tasking and enhanced gaming experience.

2- 4K display

Samsung has been rumored to bring the 4K display to its flagship smartphones for more than a year now. The Korean company already has 4K display technology. Some analysts predict that this month’s Galaxy S7 may be the first device to boast of 4K resolution. Regardless of whether Galaxy S7 features 4K, the Galaxy Note 6 would be an obvious candidate for the immersive display technology. The Note 6 is rumored to sport a 6-inch screen.

3- Better camera in Galaxy Note 6

Though there have been some rumors that the Note 6 may feature a huge 30-megapixel main camera and 16MP front snapper, recent reports suggest otherwise. With its upcoming Galaxy S7, Samsung will reduce the megapixel count from 16MP in Galaxy S6 to 12MP. The Korean company has understood that pixel count alone does not determine the picture quality. So, the company is expected to focus on improving the camera sensor.

4- MicroSD card slot

People use phablets for multiple purposes, which means they need more storage space. Last year, Samsung left many users disappointed by discarding the microSD card slot. The feature is expected to return with the Galaxy Note 6.

5- A pressure-sensitive display

Ever since Apple introduced pressure-sensitive 3D Touch display technology in iPhone 6S, there have been rumors that Samsung would soon bring a similar technology to its flagship phones. In October, Samsung partnered with Synaptics to incorporate the latter’s ClearForce pressure-sensitive display technology in its future smartphones and phablets.



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