Galaxy Note 5 Case Renders Tease Phablet Design

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The Galaxy Note 5 is expected in September, and thus information about this forthcoming Samsung smartphone is now becoming prominent. There has already been a lot of speculation and rumor about the specifications which will be included in this critical phablet release, but this week news about the physical design of the device has also come to light.

Some renders have emerged which give an interesting insight into the possible appearance of the physical casing of the device. A raft of pictures have been published by, and not only do they give an impression of the forthcoming Galaxy Note 5, but they actually dictate what is purported to be the device itself.

Galaxy Note 5 images

Although the device itself is not easily visible in the photographs, it is nonetheless suggested that the Galaxy Note 5 will employ many of the aspects of the design of the Galaxy S6. This would make sense for Samsung, as it attempts to produce a range of devices with a unified design.

Additionally, a cutout for the popular S-Pen stylus is also visible at the bottom of the device, and there also appears to be a loudspeaker positioned close to it. This is an interesting divergence from previous Galaxy devices, which have always featured loudspeakers on the back of the handset. The Galaxy Note 5 also feature a volcano-shaped camera unit to the rear, which will be similar to that included in the recent Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Of course, renders are always to be taken with a pinch of salt. Everything that is contained in those particular pictures is logical, but until we hear more from Samsung then it should certainly not be taken as gospel. But they do provide an interesting insight into the possible makeup of the Galaxy Note 5, and if indeed they do turn out to be genuine then we can look back on them as an intriguing early indication of the smartphone’s appearance.

To be market-leader

The Galaxy Note 5 will be a particularly important device release for Samsung, as last year the Galaxy Note 4 was the outstanding product release by the company. Although it is not officially considered the flagship mobile of the Korean Corporation, in the eyes of many consumers it has overtaken the Galaxy series as the must-have Samsung device. With Samsung the most popular of the Android-driven manufacturers this means that the Galaxy Note 5 is effectively the premier Android device on the planet.

Rumors have emerged recently which suggest that the Galaxy Note 5 might not be the only forthcoming device release from Samsung. Gossip has indicated for some time that Samsung might be planning to release a new Galaxy S7 smartphone before the Galaxy Note 5 hits the market. And this suggestion has come into sharper focus this week, as reports have indeed indicated that Samsung could be looking to release the second device in the Galaxy S range before the end of 2015, and before the Galaxy Notes 5 hits the stores.

This would be a radical departure from previous Samsung release schedules, and it would unquestionably have an impact on the Galaxy Note 5. With the Galaxy S7 required to be significantly different from the earlier Galaxy S6, it could suggest that the Galaxy Note 5 will be armed with even more powerful specifications and functionality.

Possible specs

So some or all of the more ambitious specs which have been linked with the Galaxy Note 5 could be included in order to make it stand out from the crowd. This means that the USB Type-C ports which have been linked with the Galaxy Note 5 are now extremely likely to be included. This new generation of USB ports can be fully reversed, which will mean that it is impossible to plug a USB device into the Galaxy Note 5 incorrectly.

Additionally, it is looking increasingly possible that the Galaxy Note 5 could be the first mass-market 4K resolution mobile device. This has been mooted for sometime anyway, but if the Galaxy S7 is released with an increased resolution in the coming months, it would make obvious sense for Samsung to make the Galaxy Note 5 4K compatible.

Samsung has particularly associated itself with high-quality displays in recent years, and its range of high-end televisions have become hugely popular. Indeed, Samsung has been the most successful manufacturer of television sets since 2007. And considering that 4K resolution is set to be an extremely important technology in the foreseeable future, Samsung would love to be the first company that delivers a mass-market smartphone which supports the high-definition screen technology.

So the Korean manufacturer could decide to offer support for 4K resolution with this next generation Galaxy Note 5. But this would put a huge amount of pressure on the processor in the device. So significant RAM and processor upgrades are likely, and we could even see the mighty 6 GB RAM which has been linked with the device.

Samsung has made a decision to recently moved away from Qualcomm processors, and it seems unlikely to drop its proprietary Exynos technology in light of what is expected from the Galaxy Note 5. Although Samsung has indicated that it might be willing to resurrect its relationship with Qualcomm, this now seems unlikely in the foreseeable future.

We are also likely to see an outstanding camera included in the Galaxy Note 5, and it has been specifically linked with a 21-megapixel snapper. Apple and the iPhone series have been linked with some particularly outstanding camera technology, and this could motivate Samsung to respond in kind. With Apple having recently made an acquisition that could contribute to quality low-light shooting in the iPhone series, Samsung could place a particular emphasis on this aspect of the phablet.

It looks increasingly as if the Galaxy Note 5 will be an outstanding phablet release later this year, and with the Galaxy S7 also on the horizon, Android fans have a lot to look forward to.


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