Galaxy Note 5 Camera Details Emerge

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According to the latest rumors related to the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung will be responding strongly to Apple’s efforts with the iPhone 7 camera. Recent reports suggest that Samsung is currently working on a particularly outstanding camera for the Galaxy Note 5, and if these suggestions are correct then the device may feature an f/1.8 lens.

Unquestionably the quality of cameras in smartphones is becoming an increasingly important selling point for devices. The quality of snappers which we have already seen in smartphones during 2015 has been extremely impressive, and Samsung is clearly determined not to be left behind. The Korean corporation has previously made the quality of cameras in its mobile devices a major focus of unveiling presentations, and as the industry moves forward it is essential that Samsung moves with it.

Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 7

Samsung may be particularly responding to rumors related to the iPhone 7 camera. These have suggested that Apple will seriously upgrade the lens included in its flagship smartphone, and some of the gossip related to this is particularly noteworthy. The iPhone 7 has been linked with both a professional standard DSLR snapper, as well as a unique periscope design. Whether these will emerge in 2015, or whether Apple will instead hold them back for a revolutionary iPhone 7 in 2016 remains to be seen, but Samsung is already evidently striving to pre-empt this device.

In line with the likelihood of this new f/1.8 lens is a new render from Concept Phones that suggests that the Galaxy Note 5 may be a particularly elegant phablet with some amazing technical specifications. This would be pretty much par for the course for Samsung, as the Korean manufacturer as always placed an emphasis on producing devices with particularly high specs.

Additionally, although the Galaxy S series is still generally considered to be the flagship handset of Samsung, in recent years that the Korean manufacturer has utilized the Galaxy Note range to introduce some notable innovations. Last year, the Galaxy Note Edge introduced the concept of a device with a curved display, and it will be at no surprise to see the Galaxy Note 5 also provide the market with brand new features this year.

Competing with LG G4

Although the iPhone 7 is a natural competitor for the Galaxy Note 5, this forthcoming handset also faces outstanding competition from the LG G4. It is notable that last year’s LG G3 was considered by some critics to be the very best smartphone of the calendar year, even surpassing Apple’s iconic iPhone 6. LG has not quite achieved the same level of commercial as critical success, though, and will be hoping that the LG G4 changes this.

Thus, Samsung highly likely to arm the snapper in the Galaxy Note 5 with particularly impressive specifications. A 21-megapixel camera has been suggested in some quarters, and considering the quality of lenses that these latest reports suggest as well, then the photographic capabilities of the Galaxy Note 5 could be particularly impressive.

Low-light shooting

Of particular interest to consumers will be the low-light shooting capabilities of the Galaxy Note 5. It is notable that smartphones typically do not take photographs particularly well in these conditions, mainly due to the fact that the sensors in the devices tend to be smaller than in specialist cameras. Already, early reports related to the iPhone 7 have suggested that it may feature a significantly smaller sensor than last year’s iPhone 6. This would be something of a surprise, as it would likely hinder the low-light shooting capabilities of the flagship Apple handset, and leave the Samsung with something of an opportunity to usurp it in this aspect of picture taking.

Whether or not this turns out to be accurate, Samsung will certainly be prioritizing this aspect of the Galaxy Note 5, as its range of devices was criticized last year for failing to provide superior photographic capabilities in low-light conditions. There is certainly a massive market niche available for the first smartphone manufacturer that produces a camera that compares to standalone digital cameras when shooting photographs in sparsely lit circumstances.


Aside from the camera in the device, which is evidently to be a major focus of Samsung, the Galaxy Note 5 should boast some other impressive specs. There will certainly be a dual-curved version of the device, although recent reports have suggested that this may be branded the Galaxy S6 Plus.

Samsung has also become associated with particularly high-quality displays, and this trend will likely continue when the Galaxy Note 5 is released. With the Galaxy Note 4 having featured a quad HD display, it has been suggested in some quarters that Samsung may release the first mass-market 4K revolution device when the Galaxy Note 5 is released. However, the clock is ticking rapidly if Samsung is to achieve this, and there are technical issues for the corporation to solve if it is to touch this exalted resolution.

One of the most intriguing specifications linked with the Galaxy Note 5 is a new processor structure that combines the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and modem on a single chip. Samsung has recently moved away from Qualcomm Snapdragon for the Galaxy S6, but it has acknowledged that it is considering renewing its acquaintance with the manufacturer in the near future. Nonetheless, as Samsung has manufactured its own Exynos SoC for the Galaxy S6 earlier this year, it is likely to stick to its proprietary technology for the Galaxy Note 5.

We shouldn’t have too much longer to wait for the release of this device either, as Samsung has traditionally launched the Galaxy Note range at the IFA event in Berlin in September. IFA takes place between September 4 and 9 this year, so we can expect an announcement about this hotly anticipated phablet during that period.

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