Ford Motor Company (F) Remakes Iconic Mustang

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Ford Motor Company (F) Remakes Iconic Mustang

As Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) and the other American auto makers strengthen their recovery, we are seeing some of the best quality American-made cars since 1950s-1960s, in my opinion. Most importantly, the Big Three have revived their respective iconic muscle cars. It appears that the “pony wars” have reignited.

While Dodge’s Charger and Challenger have a solid past, I am more interested in the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro. This is an age old rivalry that has Red Sox-Yankee type characteristics. You are either a Mustang supporter or Camaro supporter.

I myself am a Mustang supporter and hold my head high knowing that Ford Motor Company not only created Mustang before all but the Mustang has been continuously produced unlike the Camaro since its introduction in 1964.

However, everyone knows that the Mustang fell off the wagon after the early 70s and did not truly return to glory until 2005 when Ford unveiled the new design. Now, Ford once again is changing the design and specs to combat the improving Chevy Camaro.

The 2013 Mustang lineup is expected to impress from a horsepower perspective. The new GT model comes with 420 horsepower stock which is pretty impressive. In addition to power, the design across the board has similar features as the GT 500, giving the Mustang an aggressive appearance.

As always once the new styling is released, people begin to speculate on the next designs. According to the rumor swirling around, the 2015 Mustang is going to get a more modern look which means Ford will be dropping the current retro design that has captivated a Mustang revival.

Historically, when Ford completely redesigns the Mustang it’s a flop but I believe that Ford is a stronger, more efficient auto maker since the recession. I am not sold on the new styling but that does not mean I am ready to make assumptions about it.

The main thing to take away from this article is that muscle cars are back with a vengeance. Ford and Chevy have reignited the four decade rivalry which is very exciting for us car enthusiasts. Regardless of your opinion on the auto bailouts, there is no way you can say they were not worth it.

Three American icons were saved and ultimately stronger. It may seem a little weird but I believe the recession was the best thing for the American auto industry in decades. The reasoning is that before the recession American cars were not as good as their foreign competitors and they were obviously out of touch with the American consumer. Luckily, the recession made them get smaller and more efficient which has made them the strongest they have been in decades.

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