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How To Fix Apple Pay Cash Account Being Locked / Restricted?

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Apple’s new Peer-To-Peer payment service, Apple Pay Cash has launched, and it makes sending and receiving payments more than simple via iMessage.

Still, as has happened to some of you, your account may have gotten locked or restricted, which can be an unsettling experience. Here’s how to fix Apple Pay Cash account problems.

Apple offers a quick and simple way to fix the problem with locked or restricted accounts. But, before we proceed to the solution, it’s important to know the difference between locked and restricted accounts.

How To Fix Apple Pay Cash Account: The Difference Between Locked Or Restricted

Restricted Account

Many Apple Pay Cash users can’t tell the difference between a locked and restricted account.

If you can still transfer the balance from your account to your bank or make payments in stores, within apps, and on the internet, that means that your account is just restricted.

Apple has the right to restrict your account if its security system spots any suspicious activity on it.

Locked Account

On the other hand, if your account is locked, you will no longer be able to make purchases via Apple Pay Cash, or send and receive money.

That also means that you won’t be able to transfer your balance to your bank account. Just like with a restricted account, Apple may lock your account if it discovers an activity that is considered suspicious on your account.

How To Fix Apple Pay Cash Account Being Locked Or Restricted

Step 1: Once you find out that your account is restricted or locked, go over to your Apple Pay Cash card and confirm your identity.

If you use an iPhone, launch the Wallet app on your device and then tap Apple Pay Cash card. If you use an iPad, navigate to the Settings app, tap Wallet & Apple Pay, and then press your Apple Pay Cash card.

In case you use Apple Watch, launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Tap Wallet & Apple Pay and then tap Apple Pay Cash card.

Step 2: After you’ve done that, there is an option called “Verify Identity,” tap it.

Step 3: On your device’s screen, you will be shown steps that you need to take to verify your identity and confirm that it’s you trying to access your account.

Follow the steps, and this should reactivate your Apple Pay Cash account.

If your account is still locked despite the steps you took to resolve this issue, contact Apple support for help, and they should help solve your problem.

If your friend or someone else is struggling with their Apple Pay Cash account being locked or restricted, make sure to share this post so that they can fix the problem.

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