iPhone App Helps Police Locate Woman Trapped In A Ravine

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The iPhone is one of the most important devices of our time. Not only does it help with everyday tasks and business, but it also helps save lives. Police recently located a missing woman trapped in a ravine in California all thanks to her iPhone.

How the iPhone helped police locate missing woman

It all started on 2:00 pm Monday afternoon when Melissa Vasquez’s car OnStar program detected a crash after two tires ripped from the car. OnStar monitors then contacted local police about the car which was located at Highway 17 and Camden Avenue. Officers responded to the report but saw nothing. Later on, the location was updated to San Jose but police found still found nothing. At 3:00 am on Tuesday, Vasquez’s mother called the police to alert them of her missing daughter.

Campbell officer David Cameron went to the woman’s house at 3:00 am, he found her iPad and discovered he could use the FindMyiPhone app to track her. He had to make educated guesses to crack her passcode, but the third try he successfully cracked it. He then remotely turned on the phone location finder and was able to find her.

Cops rescued Melissa Vasquez

The 28-year-old woman was missing for 17 hours when CHP officers found her Chevy Cruze 5:30 on Tuesday morning. They spotted the missing car 500 feet off Mt. Hamilton Road ravine. Then a Coast Guard helicopter was called in to help while the police walked down the embankment where they found Vasquez who was ejected from her car.

One CHP officer said she was lying face down, but she was still coherent and spoke to officers. Rescuers then put Vasquez into an airlift basket and the helicopter lifted her out of the ravine. Currently she in the intensive care unit for leg and abdomen injuries, and remains in stable condition. The police report they are still investigating the incident as they don’t know how her car ended up in the ravine. They don’t think drugs or alcohol contributed to the accident.

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