Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Coming Soon Alongside PC Release

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When Final Fantasy XV released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in late 2016, it blew critics and audiences away with a beautiful open world environment and action-packed combat that was a drastic departure from previous titles. A Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition that includes all current DLC plus brand new content is launching on March 6 – accompanied by the release of the PC version.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition

Final Fantasy XV was in development for years, and went through multiple iterations before the team arrived at the final design for the game. With such huge development costs, a lot was riding on the release of the latest edition to Square Enix’s lineup, and overall it has been received pretty well. Despite some criticism regarding the direction of the story, the game was enjoyable and packed with content, and it resonated with fans who had been eagerly anticipating the release for years.

The DLC releases (Episode Gladiolus, episode Prompto, Episode Ignis) gave us more insight into the band of characters that travels together, and added hours worth of content to an already jam-packed game. The Comrades multiplayer expansion later offered the opportunity to “create your own avatar and join up with three other friends to take on epic quests and battles in the FFXV’s first and only online multiplayer expansion.” The release of Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition includes all of the current DLC packs as well as the brand new one that is releasing alongside the PC edition.

The Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition also offers brand new box art from the series artist Yoshitaka Amazon – the visionary mind behind much of Final Fantasy’s art. The package will cost $50, which is a discount from the original price of $60 at its initial release. This is understandable as the game has been out for quite some time, but it’s still nice to see that the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition will be discounted despite including all the DLC and shipping with some unique art.

If you’ve already purchased the game and don’t want to shell out for the full Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, you can purchase the Royal Pack which includes all of the new content for $20. This price includes new boss fights, a new vehicle, first-person mode, and a brand new dungeon.

Final Fantasy XV On PC

While the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is no doubt exciting news for those on consoles, the fact that the game is finally being ported to the PC is perhaps the most notable takeaway from this news. Final Fantasy games have typically released far later on the PC, and it seems that it’s become a standard industry practice to stagger the releases – for better or for worse. Some believe that the extra development time was necessary to launch a successful PC version, while others were more cynical and suggested that Square Enix was trying to double dip with sales. There will be a significant amount of people who repurchase Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition for the PC, despite already owning the base game and DLC on consoles. There’s no doubt that the release of a PC version for Final Fantasy XV is a good thing, however, and we’re looking forward to installing it and seeing PC-exclusive features like native 4K support, high-quality ambient occlusion and advanced hair support.

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