Final Fantasy 15 Cheats, Tricks, And Tips

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Final Fantasy 15 is Square Enix’s latest humongous epic, set in an open world environment filled with danger and treasures galore. It was just launched on November 29, and gamers all over the world have been waiting a considerable amount of time to get their hands on it. Now they can join Noctis, Promptus, Ignis, and Gladiolus on their latest adventure, and we’re here to help with Final Fantasy 15 cheats, tricks, and tips.

Final Fantasy 15 cheats

If you’re looking to get off to a good start with Final Fantasy 15, or you want to get one up on a friend, here’s our selection of helpful bits and pieces that will help you on your journey.

Don’t do the tutorial

Some games such as Elite and Dangerous do require that you do the tutorial. However, with Final Fantasy 15, it is both unnecessary and boring. We advise that you jump straight in and do the first couple of quests. They will do a better job of preparing you for what is about to come, including familiarizing you with the game’s unique combat system and more.

How to use summons

Summons have returned with Final Fantasy 15, and they’re bigger and better than before. If you want to use them, the first thing to do is unlock them. However, each summons or “Astral,” as they’re more commonly referred to, has to make contact with Noctis because because an “Astral” is ridiculously powerful and should only be used as a last resort.

TITAN: When an ally is incapacitated.

RAMUH: When the battle has gone on for too long.

LEVIATHAN: When Noctis is in a “danger” state.

SHIVA: When all other Astral summoning conditions are applicable.

final fantasy 15 cheats sprinting
Image Credit: Square Enix

Infinite Sprint

If you’re looking for Final Fantasy 15 cheats, how about being able to sprint forever? To enable this at the end of a run, as your character starts to slow down, tap Sprint again. This will instantly refill your character’s stamina and enable continued sprinting.

Don’t collect too many items

This latest version of the game doesn’t make it easy to earn money, and as such, it is easy (very easy) to become a hoarder and fill your inventory with stuff for later. Our advice is DON’T; it’s better to sell the items and earn currency that way.

However, DO NOT sell your curatives, as you will need them during fights and for crafting spells.

Invest in Ignis’ healing abilities

Apart from the normal leveling-up process, in Final Fantasy 15, you earn AP (ability points). They unlock bonuses, new moves, and inventory slots. Our advice is to prioritize Ignis’ healing abilities first. That way you can keep your party healthy., and you won’t have to rely so much on items to keep everyone moving.

final fantasy 15 cheats cooking
Image Credit: Square Enix

Easily max out the cooking skill

Everyone has to eat, even your characters in the game, so Final Fantasy 15 cheats to max out this skill are popular. To do this, you need to purchase 100 gils’ worth of luncheon meat from traders in Lestallum.

Buy approximately 60 to 75 meats to cook a Mystery Meat Sushi and then cook a further 50 to 75 Mystery Meat Sushis using one lunch meat per meal to max out. Using this cheat/trick/tip will take around 20 minutes of your time; however, you will max out the skill and unlock all the best recipes.

Warp during combat

As far as Final Fantasy 15 cheats go, right now there are none which require you to enter any code. Most are more tip-orientated, so since the game is heavily invested in combat, you need to know how to save players.

During a fight, you should keep an eye on MP because should this ever fall to zero, Noctis will fall into stasis, meaning he will be unable to fight. So before zero is reached, you should consider warping away from enemies. Additionally, it is important that you learn the Analyze ability. It can be found in the Ascension grid and gives you the capacity to view an enemy’s weaknesses.

Get the Chobham Armor

On your travels, you’re sure to come up against firearms, and they can do real damage in the game. So while traveling, head to Duscae, where there is a farm just south of the Cauthess Coernix Station Outpost. You should look for the area called Saxham Outpost on the map.

When you get to the farm, a building in the right corner has a secret item, an awning. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to use it. So instead, jump on the low crate beneath the awning and move slightly until you’re underneath it. Once there, you should be able to take the Chobham Armor, which will give you improved resistance to firearms.

And there you have them, a few Final Fantasy 15 cheats, tips, and tricks, all of which will aid you on your adventure. For now, that’s all we can provide; however, the more we play the game, the more we will discover. As soon as we do, we will share them with you!

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