FB Testing One-Column Timeline Design

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is currently testing a one-column redesign of their timeline. ABC News recently reported that the social media giant is trying to experiment with fresh layout ideas. A representative for the company confirmed the report. “This is a new design Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is testing with a small percentage of people to make navigating timeline even easier. “

FB Testing One-Column Timeline Design

The new design will feature tabs to create a more simplistic look. This design will also move the name to the cover photo and display the follower count (replacing subscribers) at the top part of the profile page. The best thing about this makeover is the about information that’s located on the profile page. This allows users to stay on the page while learning more about their friends. Scroll down the page and you’ll find their list of friends appear, scroll beyond that and you’ll find the photos section appear.

The timeline redesign isn’t the only thing Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been testing. The company is also considering charging $1.00 fee per message to  people who are not on your friends list. The reasoning behind all of this is to see if there is a market for people who want to communicate with those they share no connection. They summed it up in the following statement:

This test is designed to address situations where neither social nor algorithmic signals are sufficient. For example, if you want to send a message to someone you heard speak at an event but are not friends with, or if you want to message someone about a job opportunity, you can use this feature to reach their Inbox. For the receiver, this test allows them to hear from people who have an important message to send them.

The test was rolled out to a small number of the websites users and is not currently available for brands yet.

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