Facebook Vs. Mom: The Curious Case Of A Daughter’s Photo

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One North Carolina mom experienced a problem with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s photo policy. Professional photographer Jill White tried to recreate the iconic Coppertone image with her daughter and her friend. Unfortunately when White posted the photo on Coppertone’s Facebook page, the image was reported and Facebook then asked her to remove the image. When she refused to comply, the social media giant banned her from the site for a full 24-hour period.

Facebook Vs. Mom: The Curious Case Of A Daughter's Photo

White posted an edited version of the picture that met Facebook’s guidelines which was also reported. If she ever reposts the original image, she would be subject to a lifetime ban.

Facebook defends image ban

Facebook claims the reason behind the image ban is because the photo showed nudity that goes against the site’s guidelines. Over the weekend, White made a few comments addressing the issue. She explained that as a photographer, it is hard to fix her settings to friends only so she has to be a public person. She is not ashamed of who she is and she plans to continue to post what she wants.

The social media giant also spoke out in defense of the policy. The website stated it is hard. The company added that with over 1 billion users, it has to put up a set of universal guidelines that respects a diverse range of views. The policies were designed to keep the site safe and secure for everyone who uses the website.

Poll sides with mom

If a recent poll shows any indication of majority views, the general public sides with Jill White. A recent poll that asked if the Coppertone photo should have been taken down, 79% of those who answered said no.

This is not the first time Facebook banned a photo for the sake of modesty. Last month, the website suspended one mom’s account after she posted a photo of her breastfeeding her child.

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