Facebook Inc (FB) Unveils New Publisher Tools

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has released a set of new tools for publishers to share and promote their content more easily to its 1.3 billion subscribers. The social networking company has been making constant efforts for years now to import more content onto its platform.Facebook Inc (FB) Unveils New Publisher Tools

Simple, effective tools for publishers

The majority of these apps are simple to use, such as the new analytics dashboard that gives deeper insight into the performance of stories on the site. Another option is “smart publishing,” which gives a free hand to Facebook after approval from publishers to automatically pour in trending stories on the site, even if the publisher has not shared them by themselves.

Andy Mitchell, director of news and global media partnerships at Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), said work on the tools has been in progress for around six months in collaboration with media partners who made various requests for improvements to its publishing platform.

Chief Product Officer Chris Cox was the one who announced the company’s plans of offering more tools to publishers. Cox heads the News Feed and various other significant features. Cox has been with Facebook for a long time and has held some important positions but was never heard of until now.

Facebook strengthens ties with publishers

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) wants to encourage publishers to share more content to the site because, in the present scenario, context is more important than the news itself. The social network’s efforts hit full throttle last year when more traffic was directed to the sites that worked with Facebook, making the platform an even more significant traffic source for many publishers. There are publishers who do not want to overly depend on Facebook, but there is no scarcity of publishers who are already dependent on the social networking site for their content publishing.

Further, the efforts gained speed when Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) conducted a “listening tour” with publishers. According to Facebook, the recently launched tools are the result of those meetings. Even now, Facebook is still holding meetings with publishers to find out even more new ways in which they can be linked directly with the site.

David Carr of The New York Times reported in October that the social networking company has already discussed plans to allow publishers to publish their content on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and share revenue with the creators. There is no confirmation on whether or not there are some takers of the offer, but the discussion indicates the strength of the efforts Facebook is willing to make to get more content onto its website.

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