Facebook Timeline Photos Are Larger Than Life Thanks To Upgrades

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Facebook Timeline Photos Are Larger Than Life Thanks To Upgrades

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) just announced something for photo freaks.

Here’s the text of their announcement:

“Today we’re announcing improvements to the photos section that make viewing photos more enjoyable.”

See bigger photos

Now when you click Photos at the top of your timeline, you’ll see larger pictures that fill up the page. You can use the menu to find shots you’re tagged in, pictures you’ve shared, and albums you’ve created.

Showcase photos you like

With your Facebook photos all in one section, it’s simple to show friends your favourites. Click the star button to make important photos stand out.

We’ll continue to improve the experience, and begin rolling out globally. To learn more about the tools you can use to make your photos look better, visit the Help Center.

The improvements certainly make a great addition to the photo viewing experience on Facebook, something the social network has been roundly criticized for.  Considering that Facebook facilitates almost 100 million photos a day, and is one of the largest repositories of photos in the world, the improvements were long overdue.

The pleasure of seeing larger pictures is definitely a plus.

With the new design, when you click on the Photos tile at the top of your own timeline, you find yourself on a new page that is much larger, and is filled up with pictures, instead of the earlier collection of thumbnails

The menu system is also useful for checking those photos where you’ve been tagged, your albums, and shared photos.

Any photos you want people to see particularly? Use the Highlight function to select these pictures – now when someone clicks your photo link – voila –they get to see that picture you chose!

According to Jolie O’Dell, on Venturebeat, the new tweaks are a direct result of Facebook’s Lightbox acquisition in May, with the new Facebook layouts being extremely similar to the layouts of the Lightbox app layout.

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