Obama Chooses Facebook Inc (FB) To Announce Big News

Obama Chooses Facebook Inc (FB) To Announce Big News
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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has reach in almost all parts of the world as it is the most popular social media platform globally. When President Obama had to make a major announcement, he chose Facebook because he felt that his message would reach the maximum number of people.

Facebook provides instant reach

The president needed to make an announcement regarding his roll-out plan for new immigration executive orders, and on Wednesday the White House took to Facebook for doing so. “This was an opportunity for us to reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

On Thursday, the president will give a prime time address on immigration, which will be followed by an event at Las Vegas on Friday, as Obama noted in the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) video that is also posted on the website of the White House.

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Social media is obviously an effective way of communicating with the American public, as it took the video less than an hour to reach more than 1.2 million Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users. It was viewed by 227,000 people and shared by 12,000 people.

Social media often used by Obama

The video posted on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) notes the announcement will be made by President Obama at 8 p.m. EST on Thursday. The new reforms are expected to protect roughly 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. Despite opposition from the Capitol Hill Republicans, the president is determined to carry on with his plans.

A major reason Obama is so determined to go ahead with his plans is that Hispanics and a large section of his liberal base are putting a lot of pressure on him to act on the issue. This is because he promised them that he would take some action in September, but then he made them wait until after the midterm elections.

It’s not the first time that Obama and his administration have chosen social media to contact voters. In August, Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby used Twitter to announce that the U.S. is ready to attack the Islamic State in a bombing campaign. Obama has also sat down for chats on websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google Plus.

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