Facebook Inc (FB) Updates May Cost Your Job [STUDY]

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A recent study from On Device Research shows that young people could lose their current jobs or lose out on future jobs opportunities. This specific study covered about 6000 adults aged from 16 to 34 in six different countries. The overall results published in the study are quite revealing.

Facebook Inc (FB) Updates May Cost Your Job [STUDY]

No matter where they live, young people with social media profiles may need to think twice before posting a picture or status. The survey shows that 9% of UK adults ages 16 to 24 have been rejected for jobs based on their profiles. That number is higher in India(10%) and China(16%), lower in the US, Nigeria(both 8%), and Brazil(4%). The numbers for adults ages 25 to 34 are relatively low except for China(14%). Despite these startling numbers, many young people claim that it doesn’t bother them to much. When asked whether they were concerned about losing a job because of a social media mishap, 70% of US adults and 71% of UK adults said no. The results are similar in the other four countries.

According to Sarah Quinn(marketing manager for On Device Research) claimed, “If getting a job wasn’t hard enough in this tough economic climate, young people are getting rejected from employment because of their social media profiles and they are not concerned about it.”

Facebook Has Been A Boon For Companies:

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been a boon for companies thanks to the marketing and sales opportunities the website provides businesses. It also gives them an opportunity to research potential employees and keep tabs on current ones. Unfortunately, this can prove to be an issue for those who are looking for a new job or are currently in a job.

Facebook Users Should Take Caution:

Quinn explained that it’s important to educated people on how to avoid posting things or pictures that might cause a company to let an employee go. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users should take caution when sharing things online and avoid friending people they don’t know.

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