Facebook Inc (FB) Preferred Despite Users Disliking Features


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been criticized for various features, but these dislikes have not encouraged users to shy away from the world’s largest social network. According to a survey released on Monday, over half of Americans using Facebook agree that people are sharing excessive information on Facebook. Around 36% of the users said, they “strongly dislike” this and around 25% said that they “dislike” the idea.Facebook Inc (FB) Preferred Despite Users Disliking Features

Also, a similar number of people said that they did not like the concept of their pictures being posted without their permission. The Pew Research Centre survey revealed that parents did not like photos of their kids posted on Facebook without their consent.

Dislikes not discouraging users

Despite the dislikes, the survey found that it’s hard for users keep away from using Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), which celebrates its 10th anniversary and has around 1.2 billion users worldwide. Almost 47% of the users said that they like the photos and videos posted by their friends on the Facebook. There are 46% of users, who think that by using Facebook they can share with many people at once. Over half of Facebook users have more than 200 friends on their account.

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One of every four users, aged between 18-29 had 500 friends or more. The Pew Research also released last year’s results, which showed that 71% of Americans using the internet were on Facebook, and this is what fuels the dominant position of the social networking giant.

Around 52% of those, who are not using Facebook, said that at least one of the members uses Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in their house. This comes to around 66% of parents with a child living at home, who does not have their account on Facebook, but someone in their house uses the social networking site.

Pew did this survey on 1,801 adults dated from August 7 to September 16.

New Paper app from Facebook

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) launched a new app, Facebook Paper, which became an instant hit. The newsreader app reached the number four spot within hours of the release.

There were few doubts that the new Paper app would wipe out the traditional app, but nothing off that sort happened. But Fifty-three, designer of the iPad drawing app Paper, has asked Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to change the name of its news reading app paper.

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