Facebook Inc (FB) Leads Social Networks In 127 Countries [STUDY]

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Facebook Inc (FB) Leads Social Networks In 127 Countries [STUDY]

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) reigns supreme in about 127 countries. This finding comes from a study conducted by a social media analyst.

Vincenzo Cosenza recently conducted his bi-annual World Map of Social Networks and not surprisingly, Facebook takes the lead. Mark Zuckerberg’s company dominated the same countries they did last summer, this year’s list includes a few more countries such as Vietnam, Latvia, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan. The countries that are not on the list are Russia, Iran, and China as each one of these countries has their own leading social media website. China has QZone, Russia has Odnoklasski and V Kontakte, and Iran has Cloob.

Cosenza also discovered that Asia’s market seems to respond more to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) than Europe’s market.  His findings show that Asia has 278 million users, whereas Europe only has 251 million users. What’s interesting is both continents surpass the number of users from North America which has 243 million users.

Within ten years, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has gone from a small website for college students to a global phenom. Although Facebook don’t quite have the whole world in their hands,  they’re close to it. And thanks to the acquisitions of other social media based programs and apps such as Instagram, Spool, and Threadsy. It’s possible that in a year or less, Facebook may win over the countries where it doesn’t currently lead. Of course,  that is no guarantee, especially considering its current slow revenue growth.

Right now, the social media giant seems to have their eyes focused on branching out in other avenues, particularly new ways that will create more revenue such as video advertising, music/video streaming services, or perhaps a social search engine. There is no word on when or if the company will go with one of these plans.

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