Facebook Inc (FB) Graph Search Available For All U.S. English Users

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) just rolled their Graph Search and it’s now available to all English speakers in the United States. This handy new feature allows users to search for local people. Right now, users are utilizing graph search to find pictures of themselves or new dates.

Facebook Inc (FB) Graph Search Available For All U.S. English Users

Facebook Graph Search privacy settings

Fortunately, this feature doesn’t show anything that users don’t already see on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). You can still control your settings to allow only specific people to view specific posts. That said, it’s still a good idea to take a look at all the photos and posts you’ve made or have been tagged in. The first step is to do a test run by searching for photos under your name. This will allow you to view all the photos you posted as well as all the photos you’ve tagged in.

Next, you will need to check your privacy settings (click on the lock symbol) and click Who can see my stuff? from there you can change your future settings to either public, friends only, only me, or custom. Remember that you can select the same settings for each post you make as well.

Things to check on Facebook’s Graph Search

Another thing you will need to check is Activity Log. This is essentially a giant online scrapbook which features everything you’ve posted or been tagged in. If you see anything you regret, you will need to hide it from the timeline and un-tag it. Since un-tagging it won’t make it go away, you may have to ask your friends to delete the content you want deleted.

Facebook enhances social experience

Now that this Graph Search is available to almost everyone in the US, social media may never be the same. This makes it easier to find friends who live in the same city or who have the same interests as you. This feature will certainly come in handy for when you want to find friends to invite to a party or to a concert. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Graph Search will enhance user experience to the fullest. Over time, Facebook will likely make necessary changes to this feature in hopes to increase interest for their website as well as make it more useful to users.

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