The Right Way Of Uploading Images On Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Right Way Of Uploading Images On Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook can be tricky for social media experts and graphic designers. The dimensions for Facebook’s image-heavy platform change frequently, and neglecting to stay in the loop about these changes can make or break engagement levels.

Thankfully, TechWyse created the below infographic to provide those in need with a complete guide on every image dimension on Facebook.  This downloadable and printable infographic can be pinned to your desk or hung in your office for quick reference.

Images are crucial to social engagement. Users will simply ignore your ads and posts if they are pixelated or contain clumsy text. As well, if your images don’t fit Facebook’s dimensions, portions of your text or image could be completely out of frame – making for confusing posts or ads.

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This Facebook image sizes infographic covers everything from profile and cover photos to shared images and links, sponsored posts, event images, videos and more. There are also some tips provided throughout the infographic. For example, narrow shared images may have some gray space.

For event images, ensure that you meet the 20% text limit. Neglecting to follow this rule could lead to your posts getting lower organic and paid reach. It’s also important to note that if your image is smaller than 470x246px, it will automatically render as a thumbnail.


The infographic also provides the character limits for sponsored posts and event information, among other information. You’ll be able to see how images display on mobile. For example, a page post has the recommended upload size of 1200x900px, however this post will display as 626x840px on mobile – this is important to note as responsive design is the key to your success on social media.

Download, print or bookmark the below infographic to ensure you’re able to quickly and easily adjust your image sizes – saving you time and energy, and helping you to create a more engaging Facebook campaign and presence.

Facebook Image Dimension Cheat Sheet

Facebook Image Dimension Cheat Sheet


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