Facebook App Center to Compete with Apple’s AppStore & Google Play

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Facebook App Center to Compete with Apple's AppStore & Google Play

Image courtesy: Facebook’s blog

Facebook wants to make it easier for their users to find applications.  The social media giant just announced that in just a couple of weeks, they will launch App Center for Web, Android, and iOS.

The purpose behind this new center is to help users find applications that can be plugged into Facebook to enhance their total social media experience. The website already has a ton of apps, some that are native to Facebook and many more that are linked with popular websites like Pintrest and Spotify.

While the Facebook App Center won’t be anything like  Apple’s App Store or  Google Play store, this hub will be the spot to find your all your favorite social media applications and perhaps discover ones you never thought existed. Web users will find it easy to locate and utilize apps, whereas mobile users can access their apps directly through the center or lead you to a page where you can download the third party app. Most of these apps are pointer apps but Facebook will garner 30% from HTML5 app sales. It appears that since many of the popular applications are on iOS, Apple will most likely be a key beneficiary.

It’s really about time that Facebook has created a central hub for program apps and games. It’s current “app center” is a little messy and hard to navigate unless you’re just looking for applications that are popular with your friends. Judging by the picture above, the new App Center will hopefully make it easier to find apps and games of a specific category.

Facebook is taking the initiative to make it easier for users and companies to utilize applications to the fullest while raking in even more money. At press time, there was no specific date to expect the rollout.

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