Ex-Staff Get Kickass Torrents (Katcr.co) Online Again

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Back in July 2016 with almost no word the popular file sharing site Kickass Torrents was taken down by authorities. Then just over one month ago it was raised from the dead by ex-staff members who had vowed to continue to offer its services.

Kickass Torrents Revived with same experience and design

If you’re a Kickass user, you would have been forgiven for thinking all was lost. However, the new site that has emerged offers almost an identical service to its predecessor. And it comes with the same look and feel, but a completely new user database which allows it to start again.

Why no new design? Kickass Torrents was a site that managed to build a huge reputation and following. So, it made perfect sense to those ex-staff members involved with the project not to change too much. After-all its resurrection wasn’t just about the site; its reputation had to remain intact for the site to pick up from where it left off.

Support from the Community

Like most large sites, Kickass Torrents had grown from a few users at its beginning to being one of the most frequented sites on the web. And it’s thanks not only to Ex-staff but also community members that it can offer the same services. As many of those who were regular uploaders are back and supporting it.

Fake and Copycat sites

Back when the site was taken down, it left a hole in the Torrents space which many tried to fill. However, many of the sites that sought to capitalize on the misfortune of Kickass where copycats or clones. With some disappearing almost as quickly as they appeared, and others solely looking to scam users.

Some of the scam websites, unfortunately, were purely criminal in nature and sought to take financial details from unsuspecting users. As for the real site, it’s users have been promised by those in charge, nothing of that nature will happen on their watch.

Going further to protect their community users the Kickass Torrents team have issued a warning as follows:

Fake KAT sites: There are NO legit fully working KAT sites. DO NOT attempt to log in to any other site, which claims to be KAT! Our site is a community-only forum, created by the Kickass Site Team.

Now if you’re curious as to what all the fuss is about surrounding this site. Or an ex-user interested in returning you can find out more about what it offers here.

However, if you’d just like to share your experience of what it has to offer, please do so in the comments section below.

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