Europe to Get BlackBerry 10 First, Reveals Alleged RIM Document

Europe to Get BlackBerry 10 First, Reveals Alleged RIM Document
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Europe to Get BlackBerry 10 First, Reveals Alleged RIM Document

An allegedly leaked document received by gives new insights into the BlackBerry 10 platform and RIM’s roadmap to its comeback plan. The company has a few surprising products to gain the lost market share. Citing an anonymous source, the website claims that RIM would launch QWERTY and FullScreen BlackBerry 10 devices.

The document says that upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices will be launched in Europe first, in the first week of January. It will be followed by launch in North America in February. It makes great sense for RIM, as the European markets are more receptive to the BlackBerry devices than the American market. The move will give BlackBerry 10 the time to create hype it needs to make a successful foray in the US market.

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BlackBerry 10 will be in two models code named in the document “London” and “Nevada”. There are two other code names “Nashville” and “Naples” that are scheduled to be launched in second and fourth quarter of 2013, respectively. There isn’t any detail about the features of Nashville and Naples devices, but there are speculations that they might be variations of QWERTY N-series.

The company also plans to launch 4G LTE PlayBook tablet by the end of 2012. And then RIM will bring a 10-inch tablet code named “Blackforest” in the third quarter of 2013. It is speculated to be a 128-GB model.

It seems that 2013 would become RIM’s comeback year. When contacted, RIM declined to comment about the allegedly leaked document. Even if the document shows the real roadmap, the BlackBerry maker can change plans anytime.

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