EU Road Trips – The Most Popular Destinations [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Lovers of the open roads take trips across to the Continent to enjoy breath taking scenery and challenging driving conditions that are hard to find in the UK. With the exit from the European Union these adventurous road trips may not quite so easy to achieve, so before it’s too late to roll down your car windows and feel the breeze blowing through your hair this infographic offers a taste of what’s in store for driving enthusiasts as they hit the roads of our Continental neighbours.

The infographic highlights some of the most popular destinations for motoring enthusiasts, including one in Norway, and although this country isn’t in the EU, it’s been added for those who want to test their driving skills with a series of tight hairpin bends and take in some spectacular views. Travel to the Alps in France, Switzerland and Italy and have an adrenaline rush as your conquer some of the most hair-raising cornering in Europe.

These road trips aren’t one-day wonders, so we’ve included some great places to stay along the routes, along with some fun facts and snippets of the stunning scenery you’ll encounter along the way.

If your current car isn’t up to these types of road trips take a look at the suggestions to choosing the ultimate car to make these driving experiences extra special.

For the love of motoring you owe it to yourself to take a road trip of a lifetime. Just to help you on your way we’ve also given you a check-list of the documents and other ‘must haves’ you’ll need when driving on the Continent.

EU Road Trips – The Most Popular Destinations


EU Road Trips


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