Ethernity CEO Nick Rose Talks Lionel Messi NFT Collection and Bright Blockchain Future

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Ethernity Chain is known for minting authentic NFT collections for some of the most notable icons in the world. Ethernity successfully partnered with the Marilyn Monroe foundation, soccer legend Pelé, the Muhammed Ali Foundation, hockey star Alex Ovechkin, the Winklevoss twins, and many more. Most recently: Lionel Messi announced his upcoming NFT collection on Ethernity.

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The founder of Ethernity Chain, Nick Rose, is the kind of guy you don’t forget. A few words from him tend to leave a lasting impact. Many were introduced to him when he served as an environmentalist who brought the world’s attention to the Amazon forest fires - with a single Instagram Post.


The post was shared by celebrities from the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, Kim Kardashian, and Cara Delevingne, and even the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, managing to gain millions of impressions and global exposure to the cause.

Lately, Nick Rose has become best known for founding the popular NFT company, Ethernity Chain. As an early Bitcoin investor, Nick Rose has been around the block..chain a few times. He has brought a spark to NFTs with celebrity launches, private collections and even the first NFT collection to celebrate a historical sports star.

Lionel Messi’s Private NFT Collection

NFTs are more popular now than they have ever been, with OpenSea marketplace’s daily sales exceeding the total sales in all of 2020. This is why more icons are jumping on the bandwagon, and that includes Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi, who is considered ​​to be a prolific goalscorer and creative playmaker, holds the record for most goals scored in La Liga (474), most hat-tricks in La Liga (36) and the UEFA Champions League (8). Honestly, the list goes on and on but safe to say he has scored the most goals ever by a player for a single club, and he will undoubtedly be sorely missed by Barcelona fans.

Now fans past and present can collect rare digital art that immortalizes the hero of football in NFT form.

We spoke to Nick Rose, the founder of Ethernity to find out how he pulled it off.

How on earth did you manage to bring Messi to the NFT stage?

This was a huge milestone for us -- we share an immense sense of pride on this here. We have the most devoted team on the planet. I really believe that. We are passionate about what we do and that kind of energy is contagious. People are lining up to get their NFTs minted. The trick is finding the right artist or charity that fits the style of each person. The connection and appeal of a legend like Messi is logical, and will facilitate a massive shift in how we view the role of NFTs in the life of your typical football fan.

What is the Messiverse going to look like?

There’s an element of surprise that we have to keep with this collection. What we can say though is that we are deeply confident in the artist that created the designs. Bosslogic, who has worked for Marvel Studios on Endgame, has done collections with us before and you can kind of get an idea of what the Messiverse will look like. This guy just radiates talent and his artwork is no different.

Why did Messi choose Ethernity?

This is just our bread and butter - it’s what we do. It’s just like how you’d go to a comic book store to buy a comic book. We are only interested in providing the highest quality NFT platform, and curating a specific form of NFT experience for people that connects them with the greatest in their disciplines. Lionel Messi was both a dream come true and a huge way to actualize what Ethernity really means. I am very excited for this drop. Pre-registrations are open on our site, we will be emailing signups with details about the drop (and all future drops) as the timeline progresses.

Who should we expect next?

In the short term, there are very exciting things coming up. Our Alexander Ovechkin drop just happened on August 8th (he is famous for his number as the great 8), and it sold out within 4 hours. Still this month we have Manny Pacquiao, Messi, stone farming events and more. There are great things coming that we are still feeling very surreal about, and we’re eager to share when they’re ready for the public stage.

What does the future hold for you and Ethernity?

The future for Ethernity is full of amazing collections. We’re also always open to expansions that focus on the strengths of our ecosystem. I’m saying this because we’ll soon be expanding to the world of blockchain gaming. This move will give many of our NFT holders an amazing utility where they will be able to garner real world value based on in-game items. These NFTs could all interact in a gamified system that will encompass the entire Ethernity experience.

I’m proud to say the future of Ethernity looks bright. Our team is all working in the same direction and we believe that honest work will keep us moving forward as the space continues to develop.

So as Barcelona players and fans shed a tear for the loss of their hero, NFT fans, collectors and the crypto curious can now collect highly rare and valuable NFT pieces directly on the Ethernity Chain. Visit the site to pre register and be notified of the messiverse drop.