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Elon Musk Blows Up Hong Kong 2016

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Elon Musk Blows Up Hong Kong 2016


Published on Mar 13, 2016

Elon Musk Blows Up Hong Kong 2016 [HD]

Elon Musk speaks about Tesla at the Venture Forum in Hong Kong

01:20. Tesla Motors in Hong Kong
05:34. Relationships between Tesla and China
11:24. Model 3
14:19. Innovations
16:48. Autonomous cars
20:48. Wing doors of Model X
25:00. An ideal car
26:10. Solar energy
27:45. Mars
30:14. SpaceX mission
32:39. Entrepreneurship
38:00. Artificial Internet

0:00hi good morning everyone I think our next guest really doesn’t need an
0:04introduction we are going to be hearing from this serial entrepreneur behind a
0:09range of companies PayPal Tesla Motors SolarCity SpaceX he is a Titan of
0:16industry who is disrupted in transformed entire industries we’re talking about
0:22automotive aerospace energy internet finance and these are sectors that are
0:28really tough to operate in as a start up in the next 40 minutes we are going to
0:34hear from you on bus and we’re going to learn more about Tesla Motors in Hong
0:37Kong and China are going to hear about sustainable energy solutions gonna talk
0:42about Mars and we’re also going to touch on the fate and future of humankind
0:47pretty big stuff so this icy cold day here in hong kong let’s give a very warm
0:52welcome to Elon Musk
1:04you can pick any my god there’s so many to choose from more than 20 people it sa
1:17here in Hong Kong and you end up here in 2010 the Model S has been selling pretty
1:22well good build-up first general question how’s the business doing here
1:26in hong kong worst Super appreciative of our car and it’s it’s the necessary with
1:38the police at this point the most number of texts per capita yeah and it’s a very
1:52exciting I think model in Hong Kong Hong Kong will have over time the highest
1:58percentage of any city in the world and can serve as a model for how other
2:05high-density cities around the world can transform into a sustainable transport
2:10future so I think I think that’s that’s very exciting as we plan to work closely
2:15with the hong kong government and six lessons learned and see what we can do
2:19so then profit that two cities around the world so excited about the
2:25partnership with call because how long is a densely packed city there’s a range
2:30in society in hong kong but that’s not the only factor behind the popularity of
2:34the test of what are the other factors
2:36sure well i think is certainly the range-topping issues is is one factor
2:43although that is counterbalanced by challenges with charging yeah and so one
2:49of the things that we need to work through it is a challenge that any other
2:56city in the world has is as you have one more like your vehicles on the road yet
3:02find someplace to to charge them and the ideal place to charge the car is at your
3:09home or socially the same place that you charge your phone
3:14challenging because a lot of bombings
3:19most part one is don’t anticipate having that level of power in the crash and
3:25such as the parking spot spots float around in a consistent so it’s gonna
3:30quite important to get the power to about things that need it and then and
3:37figure out a good and commune with people to charge at home we are
3:41deploying a lot of super charges of course that’s that’s going to be
3:45important but it really meant for when you have an unusually long trip away

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