eBay Claims Top Spot in Smartphone App Usage

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eBay Claims Top Spot in Smartphone App Usage

Nielsen’s survey has just presented a breakdown of smartphone app usage in the shopping/commerce category. The analysis basically tells the popularity of different types of shopping apps among users. According to their stats, shopping apps are popular among users all over America, where as many as 47% of the smartphone owners used such applications in June 2012. In terms of absolute numbers, 45 million smartphone owners browsed through the Shopping/Commerce category last month. The average number of visits made by these 45 million users was 17 times a day. The users spend, on average, a good hour on eBay eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY)? Mobile, which makes it the highest grossing mobile shopping platform in terms of its unique audience. The second and third spot go to Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN), although the average time spent on both of these platforms is only 19 minutes, a stark contrast from eBay’s duration.

“Retailers are finding that consumers are willing to use smartphone apps to enhance their shopping experience, and this data shows usage of shopping apps is growing,” said Don Kellogg, Director of Telecom Insights at Nielsen.

“As more Americans use their smartphones while shopping and making purchases directly through apps, retailers should consider personalizing their targeted offerings around the needs of individual consumers,” said Kellogg.

The unique audience received by all of these mobile websites, is not as far spaced as the average time spent is. eBay was able to rope in approximately 13 million unique visitors. Nielsen has also surveyed smartphone Operating System usage, the results were released in May this year, and gave top honors to Android OS with 48.5 percent share, while iOS came in second with 32 percent market share. While the top five apps smartphone owners use were Facebook, YouTube, Android Market, Google Search, and Gmail.

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